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Adult Co-ed Indoor League

Team List

  TIER 1    
# TEAM NAME First Name Last Name
1 Pass & Hitties Jasmin Chochingco
2 Hot Peppers Veronika Hazanovich
3 Dirty Half Dozen Darcia  Van Bastelaere
4 Kiss My Ace Zack Weir-Cooper
5 Paint Chippers Warren McIvor
6 I'd Hit That Jennifer Nurse
7 Team Individual Dariel Giesbrecht
8 To Kill a Blocking Nerd Ken Wright
  TIER 2    
# TEAM NAME First Name Last Name
1 Calm Yo Tips Travis Lin
2 Matchblocks Twenty Robert  Pill
3 Hitting Bricks Spencer D J  Beazley
4 The Blackouts Lindsay  Kuran
5 Thunderballz Alan Simbulan
6 No Diggity Sophie  Eskilson
7 Rough Sets Brad  Steven A Go
8 Bannock Dawgz Dylan Arthurson
  TIER 3    
# TEAM NAME First Name Last Name
1 Ace Holes Charles Ventura
2 Damaged Goods Peter Ruiz
3 Spiked Punch Thomas J  Peers
4 Hardly Any Diggity Thea Wortley
5 Juiced Deniel  Pura
6 Protected Sets Hailey Schurko
7 Balls Deep Adriano Montanino
8 Spike Tysons Charlene Ilas
  TIER 4    
# TEAM NAME First Name Last Name
1 Dig Hard Bicks James Manguba
2 Set-sy & We Know It Tiffany Kinsman
3 Wrecking Balls Thelma Starr
4 Kiss my Ace Ian Dornbush
5 Good Golly Miss Volley Jason Gigian
6 Empire Spikes Back Nikki Spence
7 That's What She Set Kaitlin Lewandoski
8 Sets Offenders Nicole  Vanderkuyl
  TIER 5    
# TEAM NAME First Name Last Name
1 Enweks Jonas Harper
2 Sets on the Beach Mark Aaron
3 Stranger Danger Lindsey  Henley
4 Block Party Stacy T  Ansons
5 BALLbasaur Christine M  Lam
6 Ace Holes Page Chartrand
7 Misfits Noelle Linney
8 Spike is Deafening Jessica Szadlowski
10 Team Individuals 3    

Bring a little fun into your life!

TIER 1-2: Advanced
TIER 3-4: Intermediate
TIER 5-6: Recreational

All games are held on Sunday afternoons/evenings.

All games are held on Sundays.
TIER 1 & 2: 
Victor Wyatt School, 485 Meadowood Dr.
TIER 3 & 4: Marie Anne Gaboury School, 99 Pulberry St. 
TIER 5: Victor Wyatt School, 485 Meadowood Dr. and 
Marie Anne Gaboury School, 99 Pulberry St. 


We are the only Adult co-ed League which offers FREE Friday Night Practices where participants can come in, make-up pick-up teams, and play some extra scrimmages every Friday evening. See Friday Night Volleyball further down this page for details. 


Every season ends with a Tournament Day with winning teams walking away with our much coveted "Championship t-shirt." 

How to Register

All teams/individuals are requested to register online. Simply click on the "REGISTER TODAY!" button to complete your registration. 

Team registration fee per season: $450
Individual registration fee per season: $90

  • FALL SEASON - Early-bird SPECIAL $20.00 off your registration fee with our discount code: before September 1st!
  • WINTER SEASON - Early-bird SPECIAL $20.00 off your registration fee with our discount code: before December 1st!
  • SPRING SEASON - Early-bird SPECIAL $20.00 off your registration fee with our discount code: before March 1st!
    Discount codes posted in our weekly e-Blast. See our
    Home Page for details on how to register for our newsletter.

IMPORTANT: Deadline to Register is the Monday prior to the start of the season.

If a team cannot be found for your child a full refund will be provided. For a complete overview of our refund policy please visit our REFUND POLICY page.

Open Houses

Prior to the start of each season, the VW Adult Co-ed League organizes Open Houses where new players can come out and meet others looking for a team.

This event is designed to allow all team captains, new individuals, and small groups the opportunity to meet others so that they can better form their teams. Everyone is welcome! 

Contact us at if you are looking for another athlete for your team or looking for a team!


Every VW Adult Co-ed League concludes with a Divisional Championship Tournament. These are ranking events with winning teams moving up and losing teams moving down in tiers when starting the next season. Winning teams receive Championship t-shirts!

Friday Night Volleyball

If you are a member of the VW Adult Co-ed League you can participate in our Friday Night Volleyball program at no extra cost. 


These are open gyms for players to come and hone their skills and have some extra fun. Details are as follows:


Where: Sage Creek School, 315 Sage Creek Blvd.
When:   Fridays from 8:00-10:00pm


Sessions start Friday, October 04, 2019



- No Dates Cancelled at this time.


- FRIDAY, June 19, 2020


Participation is FREE!

**Hosted by Volleyball Winnipeg!


Some final tidbits...

The VW Adult Co-ed League is a fun, self-officiating program where teams are placed in tiers that best reflect their ability. All games are held on Sunday afternoons/evenings in the St. Vital area.

The program is separated into three seasons: The Fall, Winter and Spring Seasons. These consist of one Open House where individual/small groups can come out and be placed on teams followed by 10 weeks of play. Each season ends with a Championship Tournament and every season has one week-end off for a statutory holiday. Detailed schedules are located at the bottom of this page.


League Schedule by Tiers

Click on your Tier below for your scheduled games or the "Complete League" link for the whole league's scheduled games.

View our Calendar for details on Weekly Themes for Mini Volleyball...

It is FREE to be a sub. Sign up and team captain's will e-mail you when they require a sub. This is a great way to meet players and give you an opportunity to make it on to a team.

If you are interested in joining a team as an individual feel free to register as an individual and we will attempt to place you on a team during our pre-season Open Houses. Email us at: if you have any questions.