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Volleyball Winnipeg COVID-19 Response

Volleyball winnipeg covid response

Volleyball Winnipeg is firmly committed to protecting the health and safety of our athletes, campers, coaches, instructors, and volunteers.

As we continue to provide our community with opportunities for personal growth and development, their safety is our number one priority. We are constantly working to create strategies and plans that abide by the advice of our government and public health officials. 

We are complying with Manitoba Public Health guidelines and continue to closely monitor all updates from the Provincial Government to ensure we are providing a safe environment for all Volleyball Winnipeg participants.

Please contact us at for any questions or concerns.

Going Forward

In addition to our pre-existing COVID protocols, here is how Volleyball Winnipeg is further enhancing health and safety in our spaces and programs:

We ask all our athletes, campers, coaches and instructors to pre-screen prior to attending any Volleyball Winnipeg programs, using the COVID-19 SCREENING TOOL (please see attached below).

Should you feel unwell or experience symptoms, DO NOT ATTEND ANY VOLLEYBALL WINNIPEG PROGRAMMING. Please contact the MB Public Health Authority at 204-788-8200, or use the online Shared Health COVID-19 Screening Tool.

Parents/Guardians and family members have an important role by modelling the behaviors needed to limit the spread of COVID-19, such as frequent hand washing and hand sanitizing, social distancing, proper cough etiquette and staying home when sick.

For all programs, we ask that you drop off your child  no earlier than 5-10 mins before the start of their practice, and to please wait with your child as they will not be allowed to enter the facility until it is clear of the previous athletes. With the weather changing quickly standing outside for a long period of time may not be ideal.

We have volunteers helping our instructors enforce our protocols. All our programs have a "COVID Marshal" and a female parent rep, who ensure that we do our very best to follow regulations and more importantly, to stay safe and healthy. This is what sets us apart from other organizations.

Volleyball Winnipeg works with all our venues to establish protocol that best suits each individual space.

We ask that all athletes please add the following to their gym bags:

• Mask

• Alcohol-based Hand Sanitizer

• Pen (for sign in)

volleyball winnipeg covid-19 protocols

Based on the latest information available from public health authorities and governments, Volleyball Winnipeg has implemented the following protocols to help stop the spread of COVID-19:

• Athletes must NOT participate in ANY Volleyball Winnipeg programs should they feel ill or exhibit flu-like symptoms;

• Athletes that have been in close contact (within two metres for more than 15 minutes) in the last 14 days with a confirmed COVID-19 case must NOT participate in ANY Volleyball Winnipeg programs;

• Athletes that have traveled outside of Canada, or within Canada, east of Terrace Bay, ON in the past 14 days must NOT participate in ANY Volleyball  Winnipeg program;

• Athletes must arrive in ready-to-play attire;

• Athletes MUST wear a mask while waiting outside ALL gym facilities WHICH MUST REMAIN ON UNTIL the athlete is in the gym;

• Athletes must practice social distancing while entering & exiting the facility;

• Athletes must sanitize hands upon entry and exit of the facility;

• Athletes must sign in (with personal pen) at the registration table prior to entering the gym;

• Athletes must socially distance while waiting in line during drills;

• Athletes must sanitize hands during all water breaks;

• Athletes must not share water bottles; and

• Athletes must avoid hand contact with other athletes and instructors.

Reminder signs will be visible at the registration table.

COVID MARSHAL responsibilities

We recognize the importance and responsibilities of our staff and volunteers. Here is how our designated COVID Marshals are working to keep all of our athletes safe.

• Ensuring all athletes hand sanitize upon arrival at the facility;

• Ensuring all athletes hand sanitized during all water breaks;

• Ensuring all athletes are social distancing (remind if necessary);

• Ensuring that volleyballs are sanitized frequently and rotated between drills; and

• Assisting with minor first aid issues

we as a program are committed to...

Providing a sports experience that is fun and educational. Volleyball Winnipeg recognizes the importance of sport and recreational activities to the physical and mental well-being of our community. We will continue to be a leader in delivering a safe environment for all volleyball enthusiasts to enjoy their sport. We endeavor to continue doing everything we can to offer programs that give a sense of normalcy and fun despite what is currently happening around us.



Yes. We will continue to provide volleyball programs this Fall,  with the safety of our athletes as our top priority. 


Yes, our lesson plans are designed to offer the same high level development, while abiding by social distancing guidelines.


No. Regardless of COVID-19, Volleyball Manitoba does not sanction camps. All Volleyball Winnipeg programs (mini-volleyball, youth league, adult leagues, beach volleyball and camps) are independent of Volleyball Manitoba. 


Unlike other programs in the province, Volleyball Winnipeg provides a COVID Marshal and a female parent rep at each event. Their duties include enforcing all Volleyball Winnipeg COVID Response protocols  are being followed,  as well as assist in sanitation of equipment. We believe that having designated COVID Marshals at our programs enhances the safety of our athletes, and allows our instructors to focus on the physical performance of our athletes.