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  • Apr
  • 13
Easter Monday
  • All Day, April 13th, 2020

Easter Monday

Easter is a highly commercialized holiday when tons of chocolate is sold in the form of easter eggs and easter bunnies.

The Easter Bunny brings a basket full of goodies to children for Easter.

Sometimes the gifts are hidden so children have to look for them - this is called an egghunt.

Rabbits and eggs are symbols of fertility and were first mentioned in German literature as early as the 1600s.
There are several easter traditions.

Egg painting is very popular and easy to do. Egg paint kits can be purchased in stores but you can also dye hard boiled eggs using a jar of beet juice!

To give eggs extra shine you can rub them with fat - bacon is perfect for this.

You laugh now but once you try it you'll see how well this works!
Petting zoos are popular around Easter, too, where kids get a chance to pet and feed bunnies and other animals.

Some people even buy pet bunnies but you should only do this if you are ready to truly commit to having a pet - no impulse shopping please.

Family get-togethers are also part of the Easter weekend.
After Christmas and Thanksgiving the Easter weekend meal is the third largest meal nationwide.

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