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Fall Drop-in Camps

Why Attend Drop-in Camps...

These camps are conducted by experienced VISION and Warriors Volleyball Club instructors designed to challenge participants. The objective of the camps is to produce fast-paced sessions in which everyone is engaged in the drills.

Volleyball Winnipeg is the only grass-roots volleyball program in Winnipeg. Athletes can choose from recreational leagues to regional clubs and high-performance clubs and the best way for athletes to decide on the direction they would like to pursue if to come out and see for themselves.

Instructors are there to help guide parents and athletes to the program that will best suite their individual needs and they are expected to answers questions on program training frequency, locations and costs. Parents are encouraged to approach instructors and ask as many questions as they wish. Our goal is to introduce athletes to the program that best meets their needs.

Camps are always fun and are a great opportunity to receive excellent technical training at your convenience, so be sure to take advantage of this opportunity!

All Volleyball Winnipeg COVID 19 Protocols are posted on the following page: VOLLEYBALL WINNIPEG COVID 19 RESPONSE


U13 - 15 Girls

  • Friday at Glenwood Community Centre, 27 Overton. from 6-0:00pm
  • December 10, 2021

How to Join

Drop-in Fee$20
Simply register at the door.
IMPORTANT: A waiver form must be completed by parents so parents should register their son/daughter.


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Free Drop-in Camps for Boys

U13 - 14 Boys

  • Sundays at Park City West Community Centre, 115 Sanford Fleming Rd. from 1-3:00pm
  • November 07 - December 05, 2021

U15 Boys

  • Sundays at Park City West Community Centre, 115 Sanford Fleming Rd. from 3-5:00pm
  • November 07 - December 05, 2021

Drop-in Camp Information

VISION Elite Camps are designed for female athletes who are participating in club volleyball. Those interested in participating should understand they must already have a strong background in the sport before attending. The focus of the camp is to fine-tune skills, introduce athletes to advanced skill progression, and team tactics; not establish fundamentals. 

All camps are overseen by one of the VISION Elite Head Coaches and assisted by fully certified VISION Elite club coaches. The camp will deliver the best technical training available in the city and participating athletes will develop a better understanding of the technical requirements of the sport.

VISION Skills Camps are designed for those athletes who aspire to develop sound fundamentals of the game. The nature of the drills at VISION Skills Camps involves high repetition with a focus on avoiding bad habits. Those athletes interested in reviewing their fundamentals while learning basic team tactics and strategy will find these camps rewarding.

All camps are overseen by a VISION Head Coaches and assisted by fully certified VISION club coaches. The camp will deliver the best technical training available in the province and participating athletes will develop a better understanding of the technical requirements of the sport.

In brief, we strongly believe our camps offer the best technical instruction in the province. These are high intensity, fast-paced camps with certified club volleyball coaches. 

The Five Principles of Vision Camps
1:  Fast-paced drills
2:  Challenge participants
3:  Technical training that is second to none
4:  Technical correction delivered in a positive environment
5:  Make it fun with plenty of games

Thank you for your interest in our programs

VISION Volleyball Club

Camps are conducted by experienced VISION Elite Volleyball Club/VISION Volleyball Club instructors. This is an excellent opportunity for athletes considering club volleyball to come out and meet our coaching staff and other athletes also interested in pursuing club volleyball. Come out and see for yourself why VISION Elite is the very best place in Winnipeg for technical training. 

VISION Elite Volleyball Club and VISION Volleyball Club are part of the Volleyball Winnipeg High Performance Program. Teams represent our club at Provincial and National Championships. Try outs are held in early December and the Club Volleyball season runs from December until May with Nationals being held at a variety of locations based on individual age class. 

1.    Warm-up Games: Designed to ensure athletes get to meet each other in an inviting and competitive environment
2.    Skill Development: Drills with a focus on high-repetition and technical correction
3.    Team Play: Every training session concludes with a series of team drills designed to teach participants about the game’s systems of play

•    Attendance will be taken at the beginning of each session. Please e-mail us if your daughter cannot attend
•    Please arrive early - preferably 5‐10 min. early
•    Dress like a volleyball player – wear the correct shoes, shorts and a comfortable t-shirt
•    Our top priority is to help each athlete improve, regardless of their initial skill level
•    Instructors are expected to treat every athlete equally with encouragement – while creating a positive environment for everyone
•    The focus is on delivering results through high-repetition drills 
•    Provide plenty of water breaks/snack breaks as needed
•    We encourage all athletes to let coaches know if there are any issues during camp

What people have to say about our camps...

Feel free to read a few of the comments from our campers below. For a more complete representation see our "CAMP TESTIMONIALS" page.

“I REALLY enjoyed your Spring Break camp,  I had SO much fun and learned a lot too. I learned skills that I've never even heard of before and I also received a lot of encouragement and helpful tips that I can take with me to my school and club seasons!” - C.T.

“This camp was a good tune up and overall it helped me get a lot stronger at volleyball.” – B.S.

“I loved the coaches’ coaching styles at this camp. I had an absolute blast and was very sad when the week was over!” – K.Y.

“I thought the camp and the coaches were phenomenal and I wouldn’t have changed anything!  I learned more technique and skills than I knew existed before this camp and became a way better player.” – A.M.

VISION Volleyball Camps
VISION Volleyball Camps

Volleyball Winnipeg

1065A Ellice Ave. 
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada 
R3G 0C9