Premier League

The VISION Premier League is an affordable, recreational program in which teams practice once during the week and play league games on Sunday afternoons. It is a fair-play environment during the season and a competitive experience during the season-ending tournament. The program is seasonal with separate Fall, Winter and spring sessions.

Athletes are placed on teams during pre-season “evaluations” with the hope of placing athletes on teams in their immediate catchment area. There are no cuts, however, participants may be asked to transfer to a team outside of their area based on the number of teams available. 

IMPORTANT: Athletes are placed on teams at evaluations and we cannot confirm the evening athletes will be practicing before then. That being said, teams practice most evenings of the week so evaluations is about finding the right team for each athlete.

Coaches are volunteer parents; however, instructors are available for teams that request them. All teams are tiered and the number of tiers is determined by the overall number of participating teams.

Please note that VISION offers discounts for early registration and these are available in our weekly VISION e-Blast. Click here to register for the newsletter. 

Volleyball Camps

FREE CAMPS: VISION Elite Volleyball Club hosts a series of free camps in the fall to encourage volleyball enthusiasts to experience VISION’s superior technical training at no risk and encourage more people to sign-up for the VISION weekly e-Blasts that offer registration discounts, camp coupons and contests. 

DROP-IN CAMPS: VISION Elite Volleyball Club hosts a series of "Drop-in Camps" for those athletes who cannot commit to an entire volleyball season. 

With the average seasonal camp rounding out at an average of $14-16/session, the drop-in fee is $20/session, and these can be paid by cheque or cash at the door. There is no need to pre-register.

During the last four weeks of the fall season $10 discount coupons are available through the weekly VISION e-Blast. 
Registration for the e-Blast is available on our Home Page.


"PREP CAMPS": "Prep" Camps are held on Sunday afternoons and are designed for athletes who aspire to make a club team. Training sessions focus on the fundamentals of the sport and are a good supplement to school volleyball.

VISION Elite coaches deliver superior technical training in a high-repetition, fast-paced environment. These are not your average camps and participants will need to bring a real passion for the game and the discipline to apply themselves. As you might expect, athletes will get what they put into it.


ELITE CAMP: If you are an experienced club athlete looking for a challenging, educational and competitive environment this is the camp for you. As an advanced athlete, you must have at least 2 years of club volleyball experience, be proficient in the skills and have a strong grasp of the game. 

The objective of the camp is to introduce athletes to the training techniques that will allow them to reach the next level while introducing them to the fitness expectation of university coaches.

POSITIONAL CAMPS: VISION Positional Camps are evening sessions that are specific to each volleyball position. They are open to all athletes aged 13-17 hoping to reach their next level of development. Athletes will be exposed to advanced progressions of various skills that will leave them with a better understanding of the requirements of their position.


CHRISTMAS CAMP: The Christmas Jamboree is a two-day camp between Christmas and New Year's. It starts with positional training and athletes are then placed on teams and train as teams while they prepare for the end-of-camp Championship Tournament. This event is a great refresher for any athlete starting their club season.

Session One is for developmental athletes in grades 7-8 who are relatively new to the sport.

Session Two is for athletes in grades 9-10 who have club volleyball experience and are now looking for some quality training before the start of club season in January.