Premier League

The VISION Premier League is an affordable, recreational program in which teams practice once during the week and play league games on Sunday afternoons. It is a fair-play environment during the season and a competitive experience during the season-ending tournament. The program is seasonal with separate Fall, Winter and spring sessions.

Athletes are placed on teams during pre-season “evaluations” with the hope of placing athletes on teams in their immediate catchment area. There are no cuts, however, participants may be asked to transfer to a team outside of their area based on the number of teams available. please note that this is where athletes find out where teams practice and choose among those available. We cannot provide you with practice schedules before then.

Coaches are volunteer parents; however, instructors are available for teams that request them. All teams are tiered and the number of tiers is determined by the overall number of participating teams.

Please note that VISION offers discounts for early registration and these are e-mailed through our weekly e-Blast. You can register for the newsletter on our Home Page.

Details on this program are located at: VISION Premier League