Summer Camps

ALL-SKILLS DAY CAMPS: VISION has been offering some of the best volleyball day camps for close to 20 years. What makes VISION day camps unique in Winnipeg is the emphasis on a “team environment”. On Monday mornings athletes are placed on one of four teams with an assigned coach. They then train as a team during the week as they prepare to compete in the Camp Championship Tournament on Friday afternoon.

This team environment allows for a more motivated group of athletes as they learn skills and team tactics designed to help them better understand the game and ultimately perform better at their competition.

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CONDITIONING CAMP: Unlock your potential at The RIG with a fun fitness program! Our programs are based on goal setting, focused effort, and teamwork. The RIG is an indoor obstacle course and fitness centre where teens connect with caring trainers and volunteers and are provided with a place uniquely designed to challenge and engage.

Through Ninja Warrior, Parkour, Cross Training, Weightlifting, Powerlifting, and Kettle Bells young people are encouraged to set and reach new fitness goals.

Whether it be through play, or time devoted to learning a new skill, youth come away with a sense of excitement and achievement! Reaching higher heights, discovering new skills, and
having fun are our goals!

We see hope and potential in every young person!

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ELITE CAMP: If you are an experienced club athlete looking for a challenging, educational and competitive environment this is the camp for you. As an advanced athlete, you must have at least 2 years of club volleyball experience, be proficient in all the skills and have an in-depth grasp of the game. 

The objective of the camp is to introduce young athletes to the training techniques that will allow them to reach the next level while introducing them to the fitness expectation of university coaches.

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POSITIONAL CAMPS: VISION Positional Camps are evening sessions that are specific to each volleyball position. They are open to all athletes aged 13-17 hoping to launch their game to the next level. Athletes will be exposed to advanced progressions of various skills that will leave them with a better understanding of the requirements of their position.

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