Parent Reviews One

"We appreciate the technical aspects. And we appreciate being called out when necessary, and being motivated to push, drive, and dig in!"  

"I do appreciate both Ben & Luc and am glad to have my daughter play and be trained by them."   

"Ben spent a lot of time with our girls in practices which was great because Sophia couldn’t be at all practices due to prior commitments (completely understandable) and he and Luc provided excellent instruction for them. My daughter found their individual instruction direct and helpful." 

"No Complaints. Great job Vision"

"I thought Ben and Luc were very knowledgeable and encouraging to the athletes. They demanded discipline and respect from them and gave it back in turn. Personally, I enjoyed learning from them myself during practices and admired the quiet leadership of Ben and the specific, on point leadership from Luc. Well done."

"TRAINING: Coach Luc's training or Vision's training program in general is very good on a technical standpoint - very good at establishing/fixing mechanics specially if player started with Vision at a younger age, good at teaching proper positioning in the court, teaching making right decisions and having court instincts, etc." 

"We have been extremely impressed with the training both Luc and Ben (Program Head Coaches) provide at the practices.  Luc is extremely knowledgeable in the sport both with the training and the technical side of the game. The practices are well run and structured, the girls need to work hard but there is always an element of fun still there which is very important too.  I like that when practicing and learning a skill the skills are broken down starting at the basics and working up to the finished skill.  They both take the time to watch and know ALL the girls at practice and give additional help when needed pulling aside an athlete who may be struggling at a skill to help them improve and feel more confident.  In all the camps and practices, we have been at have been extremely impressive compared to some we have been involved in the past number of years."