Parent Reviews Two

"Our team coaches are very good.  They work hard with the girls at practices and games and are both very approachable for all of us. I like how they participate in the practices and have been really good on the bench during the tournaments we have been at. The team has really good chemistry on and off the court and I feel the coaches have a lot to do with this too."

"Thank you all, Luc, Ben, and our team coaches for taking the time to coach and train our daughter!" 

"The girls are getting high quality training
Coaches take time to help all girls improve
Very pleased with the club"


"We love being part of Vision and are thankful for all the work this organization puts into the girls!"

"Our assistant coach was a positive addition to the coaching staff. She explained movements very well to the girls and they listened to her. A younger female assistant coach was a great idea. Our coach is wonderful. She knows the game well and did a great job trying to excel each individual in their position or change them to a different position if they weren’t doing well. I think she did a great job with the players she had."

"This season, although short, was a good one. I believe our daughter grew as a player.  Ben and Luc (Program Head Coaches) both provided great instruction. Our coaches were good, and it was nice to see our coach become more confident and offer more assistance to the girls as the season progressed… we are happy with Vision and look forward to camps this summer."

"Not to come to volleyball has been really hard. Our daughter misses her team. She’s bonded with them all." 

"My daughter misses her training with Luc and Ben (Program Head Coaches) and working towards all her goals to better herself. Luc and Ben are dedicated to giving these girls the best training and we have known that for years. Take care and thanks for all the hard work and dedication that you put into our girls."