Athlete Reviews

"I like how structured practices are, they really get us going each practice. I feel I have really grown as a volleyball player, and my skills have really improved with the training Luc and Ben (Program Head Coaches) have provided. Practices can sometimes be difficult, but I know everything they teach us and tell us to improve on will only help me and my teammates become better players individually and as a team."

"I enjoy the training vision has given me and I have improved immensely in comparison to when I started playing. I respect and enjoy practices with my coaches." 

"I think Luc and Ben (Program Head Coaches) are amazing coaches and they are so smart with the game. They give great advice and are very motivational, always pushing me to do my best." 

"Our coach is a great. He always stays very calm and positive. He has a good knowledge of the game and I can trust he will make smart decisions. Our assistant coach is kind and he stays very positive." 

"Our coach was great!"  

"I love my coaches this year and I hope we can continue the season together soon. They are very helpful and encouraging. I love having Luc coach us at every practice and some games too. He provides so much helpful advice and has helped me improve so much. I have become a much better player and teammate since I have come to this club."