Athlete Reviews

"I think all the coaches are amazing and they know the sport and what they are doing very well."  

"Each coach is amazing at his/her job and I'm very thankful for all the work they put into making us amazing volleyball players." 

"I think the coaches made practices really fun but also helped us improve a ton at the same time. They would help you when you needed help, but if you kept on making the same mistake over and over again, they wouldn't get upset. I really enjoy being with vision."

"Our coach couldn’t have been a better fit for our team. The girls love her coaching skills, her leadership and encouraging ways. She has a unique way to lift the girls up and get them to be strong mentally and physically in performance. She encourages the girls when they need it and always working on making them into a strong developing team." 

"I absolutely loved my coaches this year!! They were amazing and knew the game by heart, especially Luke and Ben (Program Head Coaches)! Our coach worked extremely hard on the court during practices." 

"I really enjoyed my season this year...  The girls on my team have been great, I've made some life-long friends... I've really enjoyed the visions program so far!! The jerseys were great!!!"

"The coaches teach us well and tell us if we need to do something differently which I think helps us the athletes to become better athletes. Ben knows our strengths really well and he knows what we need to work on and gives us really good advice!" 

"They are both amazing coaches who encourage players and are confident in each players ability. They are able to see what’s each player needs work on and helps them improve tremendously in all aspects of the game. I hope they are able to coach me next season."