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Recent Vision Vipers News

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Parent volunteer list

Role Parent Volunteer
Team Manager Andrea (Emily)
Player's Advocate Lori (Aiden)
Communications Diony/Julie (Jodi/Julliane)
Fundraising Vacant
Chaperone Lee (Gillian)
Tournament Canteen Coordinator Juan (Meyling)
Tournament Convenor Vacant
Home host #1 Kathleen (Alannah)
Home host #2 Vacant
Team outing planner Vacant

Vipers Carpool

Name Need/Offer
Aiden H
Gillian B We live in old st vital if any one needs helpwith carpool. I may need help with thursday practices. I can help out tuesdays and sundays
Romy S
Alannah R I live in the Garden City area, and am available to pick and drop off anyone near by most days but carpool would be great!
Julliane (Jodi) S
Meyling M
Emily A
Jaime D
Rose F
Alaine B
Danielle T