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Premier League - Spring Season

Changes to the 2021 Spring Season

In response to the ongoing changes to Manitoba Health orders, we are preparing to offer the Spring League as a "4 on 4" League. We are not expecting 6 on 6 play this spring season.

The League will also adopt a "two line" rule which means that all balls hit/tipped over the net must cross over two lines. For example, a ball would need to travel over the centre line and then the attack line to be in play. No short tips over blocks permitted.

Program Highlights

First started in 2001, VISION Premier League is a program offered by Volleyball Winnipeg. VISION Premier League & VISION Youth Academy use a unique structure in training athletes. This involves the organization providing VISION certified coaches during training sessions while parent volunteers manage teams during games. In short:


  • Run team practices 
  • Follow VISION's training protocol
  • All instructors undergo training with VISION Elite on the unique techniques the club uses to train young athletes


  • Assist instructors during practices
  • Bench coach the team during games

During the first practice of the season the instructor will start with a parent meeting to ensure all parents understand the rules of the league and that there is a bench coach confirmed.

  • Athletes confirm their practice schedule when registering online
  • Two teams of 8-10 athletes train together. This ensures there are always 12 athletes to play 6 on 6 games while at practice
  • The teams are formed during the first practice. Friends are kept together
  • Positions are also confirmed during this session and may affect athlete placement

The VISION Premier League is a fair-play environment. That being said, parents should understand that playing time may be affected by each player’s chosen position (fewer setters, for example, would result in them playing more) and bench coaches have the right to favour players during the season-ending Championship Tournament.

Please note that teams in divisions with eight or more teams can expect to play
two matches of 45 minutes each while divisions with 4-6 teams will likely play one match of 90 minutes. In brief:

  • Matches will be two sets only when playing two matches
  • Matches will be four sets when playing one match
  • There are no time-outs
  • Bench coaching is limited to providing feedback in-between sets. Referees and a site convenor will be on hand to sit with teams to review strategy and offer feedback. 

OUT OF TOWN RESIDENTS' WELCOME! We have many participating athletes who reside outside the Winnipeg-area. Our program is not limited to Winnipeg residents. That being said, we do offer programs in SELKIRK and PORTAGE LA PRAIRIE for athletes in those areas.

Thank you for your interest in our programs.

How to Join

We ask those interested in registering to follow these three simple steps:

All registrations are online. If you prefer to pay by cheque or e-transfer you will need to e-mail Ally at and she can provide you with a code to register. 


  • Division C: Grade 6-7 Boys/Girls - See VISION Youth Academy
  • Division B: Grade 7-8 Girls
  • Division A: Grade 9+ Girls
  • Division AA: Grade 10 - 12 Girls
  • Division AAA: Grade 10 - 12 Girls (Club)

*All Divisions have a LIMITED number of spots available.

Two teams train together at each practice venue. Teams will consist of 8-10 athletes and these will be placed on one of the two teams during the first training session. Allowing two teams to train together ensures 6 on 6 team play and provides a more positive environment with more athletes participating. Friends will also be permitted to play on the same team.

2021 Spring Schedule

Evaluations: Saturday, April 10, 2021
League Games: Saturday, April 17 - June 12, 2021
Note: May 22 - Victoria Day Week-end - No games.
Tournament Weekend: Saturday, June 19, 2021
"Spring VolleyFest"
Schedules TBC.
Awards to top teams

Space at practice is limited to two teams and a max. of 10 athletes per team. Athletes will be placed on one of the two teams after the first practice. Once practice venues fill, others will be added. Evaluation week will be offered as an introduction to athletes and instructors, so everyone becomes aware of the unique training techniques offered by VISION Volleyball.

Practice Schedules-

PAUSED until June 2021

Day: Mondays
Time: 6:00pm - 8:00pm
Dates:  April 12 - June 14, 2021
Venue: Glenwood CC, 27 Overton St.
Division: B
Cancellation Date: May 24. 2021

Day: Sundays
Time: 3:30pm - 5:30pm
Dates:  April 18 - June 13, 2021
Venue: Norberry-Glenlee CC, 26 Molgat Ave.
Division: B

Day: Mondays
Time: 8:00pm - 10:00pm
Dates: April 12 - June 14, 2021
Venue: Glenwood CC, 27 Overton St.

Division: A
Cancellation Date: May 14. 2021

How to Register

Regular registration fee per season: $165
*Includes team jersey

IMPORTANT: $20 Early-bird discount is available until Sunday, February 28, 2021!
Reserve your spot by paying half now and the balance at the start of the program.

SUBSCRIBE to our VISION e-Blast newsletter to receive DISCOUNT CODES, FREE CAMP INFO, and up-to-date information on our upcoming camps, leagues and club information!

If you are registering more than one child for this program you are entitled to a 25% discount on additional children!  The discount is automatic; however, all children must be registered at the same time in order for the system to recognize the family registration.

Should you require financial assistance to help pay for any of our programs, please visit our HOW TO REGISTER page for information on local funding opportunities.

If you withdraw your child prior to the start of the first practice a full refund will be provided. Anyone requesting a refund after the start of the season will be provided with a credit to be used for any Volleyball Winnipeg program.

For a complete overview of our refund policy and directions on how to submit a written request, please visit our REFUND POLICY page

Discount offer expires Feb 21



Should your child wish to join the league only to find practice locations in his/her age class are full, you would need to take him/her to our pre-season “Evaluation Days.” This event is organized for the placement of athletes who missed registering for available practice locations. 

At this event, League Officials will arrive with additional practice locations and will attempt to place athletes. Players will participate in an organized practice to ensure they are being placed with athletes of similar calibre and League Officials will look to confirm a parent-volunteer bench coach for the team.

Should athletes not find a team at one of these evaluations we would ask you to consider participating in one of our SEASONAL CAMPS. 

IMPORTANT: Athletes must register for “EVALUATION DAY.” There is no cost to do so and this registration will go live once practice locations begin filling. After an athlete has been placed on a team they will be asked to register online for the league.


VISION Premier League is a fun, recreational program where players are trained by certified VISION instructors and games are managed by parent-volunteer bench coaches. 
Teams practice once per week and play games on weekends with the season ending with a Championship Tournament. It should be noted that each season has a weekend break as a result of statutory holidays. 


  • Quality Instruction provided by trained instructors
  • A recreational, fair play environment
  • Season-ending Championship Tournament with awards
  • An Annual Athlete Awards Banquet

League Overview

Volleyball Winnipeg provides instructors for every team practice where two teams training together. Instructors will review positional play and team strategy along with the fundamentals of the game.

Although coaches may call for substitutions, there is otherwise no bench coaching during games. No timeouts.

The first scheduled day of league games is officially our "Scrimmage Day" in which all scores will be recorded, and teams may be re-tiered based on game results. Therefore, these scores will not be counted towards league standings.

The Championship tournament will be hosted on the final weekend of the season and Volleyball Winnipeg reserves the right to host the event over the weekend and may include any day from Friday-Sunday. 

Volleyball Winnipeg will do its best to post game videos on its YouTube Channel for parents to view along with their child. We would like to hear from any parent who would like to register as the team's videographer, please contact Ally at:

All Volleyball Winnipeg COVID 19 Protocols are posted on the following page: VOLLEYBALL WINNIPEG COVID 19 RESPONSE

What people have to say about our league...

"Volleyball Winnipeg gives a lot of great opportunities and is a good environment for girls to learn and experience different teams and skills." - S.K.

"We had really good coaching and it was very fun to play. There also wasn’t pressure from my coaches and teammates to not make mistakes which I really liked, because I could just have fun!" - H.T.

"I had so much fun and learned a lot, I also gained a ton of experience, and had fun playing games and winning and losing with my team." - S.W.

"Honestly, my expectations were met, I wanted to learn how to work with a team and be a positive team player, I had a great season. I also really enjoyed having great teammates and having fun playing the sport I love." -  S.F.

"It was my first-time playing volleyball and I really, really enjoyed my time here and I loved playing with my team!" - C.H.

"I really liked my experience playing. The coaches AND players were great!" – A.D.

"I am very happy with what I learned this season! I want to thank my teammates, and my coaches for helping me learn and have lots of fun!" – M.C.

"I had the best coaches!! I enjoyed building new friendships and meeting over crazy/fun kids like me!" – H.G.

"I thought the coaching and games were great! The practices were fun, and I would definitely do it again!" – A.B.

"I thought the season was so much fun and I would love to do it again. I also really liked my team and coaches." – J.O.

"At the beginning of the season, I thought I’d be shy. But instead, I ended up giving my all in everything I did which made me improve A LOT!" – S.B.

Feel free to read more reviews from our VISION Premier League athletes on our LEAGUE REVIEWS page.

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