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What our athletes and parents have to say!

VISION Volleyball Camps

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Parent Reviews for VISION Summer Camps

The following are a few of the comments we received from PARENTS of athletes who attended a 2018 and/or 2019 VISION Summer Camp.

It was JS's first camp - she loved it! She learned so much and improved her skills. She felt welcomed - coaches and peers were awesome! Very positive experience! -KS

Thank-you for facilitating an awesome camp! My girls worked hard and enjoyed it very much. -BI

My child had a lot of fun while improving her skills. -VL

Great coaching in a team environment that helps build your son or daughter's confidence and skill level. -JP

Lots of fun.Love to learn passing, volleying, serving. Great t-shirts. -TT

A fun, busy, week full of great coaching from the most advanced skill level to beginner. Our girls all really enjoyed it! -JE

Our daughter had a lot of fun and met many new friends. -FK

Our daughter had lot's of fun and lkearned a lot! She wishes it was longer than a week. -JK

The camp focused on skills and fun and my daughter had a fantastic week. -AL

I just wanted to send you an email to say my kids thoroughly enjoyed the camp. They were exhausted every day but always came out of that gym with a smile. Thanks for correcting my daughter's setting and helping her with hitting. Both kids said to me over and over that you especially are "so nice". Great job and have a great summer.  –CH

My son really enjoyed the camp! He felt he was able to develop his skills and learn different aspects of position specific play. He found it fun and competitive! I really liked that it was full days and we would definitely do this again. Thanks for a great week! –TH

I want to thank you for the great experience for my daughter. She felt very nervous when she first came to the camp especially because she had not originally registered for the more advanced camp but due to lack of numbers in the morning camp she ended up there - However by the end she had a great experience. -KL

I am most impressed with the coaches whose positive encouragement went a long way to building her confidence and helping her feel like she was an important part of the group even though she was not as skilled as the others. Thanks so much -MI

My daughter had a wonderful time, and learned many new and different ways to do things. She kept us up to date with her progress every evening following camp, and she was up bright and early each morning excited for what you had in store for the girls. We have noticed an improvement in all aspects of her volleyball game. More importantly, we have noticed an overall improvement in her confidence. She is turning into a leader on the volleyball court, as well as in her other sports and in school. Thank you very much for a great experience. - DS

Merci Luc. My daughter REALLY loved your camp and has succeeded in her tryout for the school team. Please keep us on any mailing list, etc. for next summer, or any other player development you do. Sincerely, and with thanks! -LB
My daughter made her school team. The training she received from your summer camp really made a difference. 

My daughter really enjoyed her camp experience and feels far more confident as a player.  -HK

Thanks so much. My daughter had a great time at the camp and is currently trying out for the school team. I appreciate the extra focus on fitness at the camps. She has dropped other sports to focus on volleyball so it is important to focus on the overall fitness as well as the skills. -TG
Great camp, Luc. My daughter had a very good time and has gotten very interested in volleyball as her primary winter sport. Thanks again.
Hi Luc, Thanks so much for having my daughter at your July and August camps.  She had an awesome time and learned a lot. 

Hi Luc... Thank you to you, and the rest of the coaching staff  for the fantastic camp you are putting on this week. My daughter just loves the camp and feels that the instruction and coaching is great. She is sore like you said she would be but feels the rewards far outweigh the pain.  She was at another camp a few weeks ago and says the two don't even compare.  The skill level you provide and the instruction is second to none. - LB

Hi Luc, I just wanted to let you know how much my daughter enjoyed your camp last week.  She felt that she had learned so much and had fun as well.  I would like to compliment you and Ben (her coach for the week) on how well the camp was organized and the skills that were taught. She has commented that she learned skills that she had never even heard of before and felt that she received a lot of encouragement and constructive feedback that she can take with her into the school and club seasons. Ben took a genuine interest in the girls progress during the week and genuinely seemed to care. - HE
After such a great experience at your volleyball camp, she would like to register for your fall camp.  Thanks for a great week and we look forward to hearing from you. 

My daughter loved the week.  Initially, she had thought she’d rather of had the week off to do things with friends and stuff (as we only got back from holidays on
the Monday
) but said she had a blast and it was well worth it.  She said her serve was getting much more consistent as well as her other skills. Thanks for the great week. -DM

My daughter really enjoyed the camp. She met new  friends, and brushed up on her skills for upcoming tryouts. All good! Thank you. -KT

Parent Reviews for VISION Spring Break Camp

The Spring Break Camp was great! Those were the best 9 hours of instruction that my daughter has ever had. Although I wasn't able to be there for all three days, my in-laws and my husband were equally impressed with the quality of the camp. There was no standing around or "fooling around." Just lots of different drills and most important, lots of correction so that bad habits aren't formed. Looking forward to the next camp! -DB

Parent Reviews for VISION Camps

Many thanks to Luc, and the many other coaches who assisted with the various camps my daughter attended this summer, and the camp she attends this fall, that have been offered by VISION. She has enjoyed every single one of them and she has learnt so much from them.  Your program truly is one of the best in the city. Thanks for offering such great camps. -JU

Parent Reviews for VISION Elite Camps

Our girls had only positive comments about the Elite Camp. They had lots of fun and enjoyed working with Luc and the assistant coaches, getting detailed exposure to an exciting new level of technical skill development while keeping them interested. -BN


The following are a few of the comments we received from ATHLETES who attended a 2019 VISION Summer Camp.

You will love it here!. -TT

I would tell friends that this camp is good for all ages and skill levels. I think it's a great opportunity for everyone. -ST

It's fun to be exposed to different coaching techniques. It's also a great opportunity to meet new players who also have lots to teach you. Overall-it's worth the time and energy. -SM

Get ready for volleyball ALL day long. You learn so much in the week span, that already it's Friday and my passing and hitting is much more accurate than Monday. -HH

I would tell my friends that this camp is awesome! You would get an amazing experience! -BB

This camp really helps you work on your skills in a fun and encouraging way. -AG

It's a great competitive camp where you can learn new skills and improve on skills you already know. It's a great camp! -NS

VISION has very specific / good coaching and you will have a very high chance of improving at VISION camps. -HE

You learn so much, make new friends and have so much fun doing so. -JL

The VISION volleyball camp is great for working on skills that will be useful for games all while being fun for all ages! -RD

It is a place where you learn lots of new things and it helps you a lot to become a better volleyball player. -BS

I would say you should 100% go if you enjoy volleyball and want to improve your skills and technique. The drills are really good, the coaches are nice and helpful and the games are fun! -MF

I would say you should come here because you get to play lots of fun games that help you work on skills! -BB

It's a great place to learn and the coaching is great and it's a place to meet new people. -KR

It is a fun experience and it teaches you the fundamentals. -AR

This program is great because it applies to a wide range of grades and skill levels and it's very enjoyable and very fun. -AG

It's fun, you learn new things and meet new people. -R

This camp was very helpful and I learned a lot. I came into it nervous and not knowing what to expect but everyone here including the coaches were very friendly and helpful. I definitely improved and really any skill level can learn. -EP

It was fun and I made new friends. I learned some new drills and improved my skills, it will be helpful when I try out for the school team. -AI


Athlete Reviews for 2018 Summer Camps

The following are a few of the comments we received from ATHLETES who attended a 2018 VISION Summer Camps.

VISION has great coaches that help you and tell you your corrections. -BS

Any VISION camp will help you meet new friends and people, while learning more about volleyball. It also opens your world to volleyball. -AN

VISION camps teach you advanced skills that you wouldn't normally learn that are extremely useful and it's just a lot of fun because you get to make new friends. -SS

It really improves your volleyball skills and gines you lots of exercise which is not something people tend to get a lot of in the summer. Mostly everything we learned I didn't know before, and it really helps if you want to play competitively. -JL

It's a fun camp where you can meet new friends, practice and learn the game. -MR

It was really fun and there is space for every skill level. -MM

I love to play volleyball and I have been playing with VISION for some time now. I also have friends who play volleyball in VISION that adore the camp. I would like to become better and, I believe VISION can help me do that. -SA

We do fun drills that motivate you but also teach you. Plus great instructors! -SC

I would encourage everyone to join. VISION makes you keep up with volleyball and will most likely get you in your school volleyball team. You get new friends and it makes you improve. -CR

Anyone hoping to make their school team should attend a VISION camp so that thy can improve their skills before school season starts. -AH

It was a lot of fun and it's a really good program. -AG

It was challenging at a good amount but we also learned lots and had fun. The coaching was also great, too. -JC

They have a really good program with excellent coaches. And all their techniques have good reasonings and have good end results. -JL

I would tell them that it is a very good way to learn proper technique and to get ready for your next season. -CC

The VISION camp is really fun and it's a good way to improve your skills for the upcoming school seasn. -MO

You learn and work on skills that will help improve your game while still having fun. -MC

It's a great way to improve your skills before the school season and you make plenty of new friends. -JK

It was a very intense camp and fun at the same time. -CC

This camp has very good coaching and you can meet a lot of people to make friends. This camp keeps you up on your feet while helping with teamwork. -GB

You improve all sorts of skills! You learn proper techniques, footwork and swings to apply them in game-like situations. It raises your confidence and skills as a player. I will definitely return. Plus you get a t-shirt! -AF

VISION camp really helps improve your skills. They have great coaches that really help you understand how to do things better (like serving). They also gave you great exercises and make you get out of bed! -LL

From my experience the camp did helpme improve on my hitting, passing and serving! -AK

You work on skills that you wouldn't normally work on at practice. -JW

This camp is a great idea if you want to improve your skills in a short time, and have fun doing it. -SK

It is a great camp to attend because the drills can be challenging and you are always improving. -TP

VISION has good coaches who elp you improve and get better. -BS

VISION is really a great club and the coaches are awesome. -DC

It's hard and long, but it's fun and you will make lots of nw friends. -TS

The coaches are very positive and supporting to everyone, and the camp is really fun. -DT

People should come because it's so much fun and helps you get better. -RS

It's great experience and its fun. -KP

Everyone should come. You can improve in all your skills and have fun. -RS

I learnt a lot of skills and it's a lot of fun to attend. -AF

This was an awesome and very fun camp. It taugh me lots of skills. -JO

It really helps to improve your skills. -KP

You should attend this camp because the way the groups are divided, you will make a lot of new friends. -OT

We learn a lot in the 7 hours we are here. I also love the break time because it gives us a chance to rest. -LS

You should attend. VISION camp because you get great tips & training, make great friends and have a great time. -MC

VISION is looking to help everyone and anyone. It's a great camp to improve on volleyball. -TG

This camp is cool and you get to practice volleyball while having fun! -OK

Athlete Reviews for 2017 VISION Summer Camps

The following are a few of the comments we received from ATHLETES who attended a 2017 VISION Summer Camps.

I think this was the best camp I've ever been to in my life. I improved lot's and learned new skills. I had fun playing and had fun playing 6 on 6, but mainly I had a great time this year! Thanks to the coaches. –LV

My time here was amazing! I learned so many new things. I would recommend this camp to everyone and I''ll come back every year. –FC

Honestly, the Vision Summer Camps are one of my favourite volleyball camps. I will definitely come back. –LK

This camp is very good. The coaches are nice and all the people are friendly. I think this camp really helped me improve my volleyball skills. It was very fun, and it would be nice if I could go here again. –KP

My focus on coming to this camp was to improve on my overhand serve and my skills in general. During this camp I got a good overhand serve and I improved on my underhand passing. I had a great time at this camp. –TP

It was a great start for volleyball. I learned a lot and improved a lot as well. Going to this camp was very helpful. –ML

I enjoyed the coaching. It was very motivating. The coaches all knew what they were talking about. –HT

This camp really helped me learn positional rotation and blocking, I had trouble with this because and this camp really helped me learn that while still having fun. –LD

Camp was awesome and fun. we learned new skills and new people. –MC

The camp was really fun and educational. I learned more about proper techniques for serving, bumping, setting, etc.. –RF

I think that the camp was really well put together and planned. I love playing volleyball so I loved that I had the option to play volleyball over the summer. –LB

This camp was the best! The coaches taught me different ways to do certain skills and they also gave you great advice. I learned so much!! –BO

I really liked the training we had and I think this camp really helped me improve my skills in volleyball. I also liked how the camp had two groups which separated people by skills so I could play with people who are the same skill level as me. –KK

I really enjoyed this camp. I had so much fun meeting the coaches and learning new things and I would totally recommend this camp to my friends. Thank you for such a great camp, I’m very much looking forward to coming back next year!! –AM

I think that the camps that Vision puts on are great! I went to their spring, summer and winter camps (the summer camp was definitely my favourite though). I really liked working on skills to do in emergency situations because they were fun and new! Thank you so much for such great camps! –AGS

This camp was LOTS of fun! It was my first time in a real camp, and I really enjoyed it. –DP

I loved being able to do harder skills that older kids do since I was younger than most kids there. I got lots of encouragement from coaches and players to try as hard as I could and it definitely made me a better player. I don’t think I could’ve improved my skill level this much if I hadn’t attended this camp. –LP

I thought the camp was so much fun, and very challenging! It was also way better than any other volleyball camp I’ve been to! –RS

I really liked the amount of competition and the difficulty of the drills that we did at this camp. I would rate this camp a 10 out of 10! –LH

I really enjoyed the coaching of this camp! Thanks to Luc, I learnt how to improve my setting and overhand serving! –AH

I have met lots of new friends, and have improved my volleyball skills a lot!! I want to thank all of the coaches who made this camp happen! –AE

I loved this camp! It helped me so much with my skills. The coaching was also great and I had lots of fun! I am going to recommend it to all of my friends for next year! –OL

I had a ton of fun! The coaches and games were great and I improved A LOT! –NS

This camp really helped me learn new skills that I haven’t learned yet through school. I also made lots of new friends and had so much fun! –AM

This is the best volleyball camp! The coaches were incredibly helpful and they pushed me to do my best in everything I did. –MY

I really liked this camp, it was a super fun way to learn new skills! –ZI

This camp was a good tune up and overall it helped me get a lot stronger at volleyball. –BS

I loved the coaches’ coaching styles at this camp. I had an absolute blast and was very sad when the week was over! –KY

I thought the camp and the coaches were phenomenal and I wouldn’t have changed anything!  I learned more technique and skills than I knew existed before this camp and became a way better player. –AM

I came to this camp wanting to improve and learn more volleyball skills to get me ready for my school and club season. Thanks to the coaches I improved and learned lots by all the helpful advice and tips they gave me! –TH

This camp is super fun! It was my first time really playing volleyball and I learned so much about the game! –EA

I decided to come to this camp because I want to improve my skills and become a better player to make the volleyball team at my school. The coaches were all so supportive and helped me improve my technique for my overhand serve. –DP

The camp taught me a lot of new skills like blocking, overhand serving, setting, etc. The coaches helped me out a lot with lots of advice on how to do the skills. The drills were also very fun. I’d give this camp a 10/10! –TH

This was a great camp! I liked this camp because everyone was so kind! I improved a lot at this camp and would totally recommend it to others! –HB

I had lots of fun at this camp and improved on so many skills like setting, blocking, serving, passing, etc. Overhand serving was what I wanted to improve on the most and the coaches helped me learn how to do it properly! –TP

I really enjoyed the hitting drills and understanding the different techniques and reasoning to each arm swing. I also really loved the coaches and getting to know new perspectives on the game. -KM

I loved this camp! I learned many things and actually got to do things at my level! -KL

I really enjoyed all the skills improvement I got to do at this camp. The dividing by skills was a great to make things fair. -KY

OH MY GOSH!! I love this camp! I really enjoyed it soo much!! Thank you. -KJ

Thank you for everything! I would like to join this camp again. The coaches are so involved with the players learning. The drills, advice and everything you taught were absolutely helpful. -RM

The coaches were VERY nice! I had lots of fun this week!!!  -KT

I absolutely loved this camp. I learned so much. This has definitely helped me improve my volleyball skills. Thank you so much. -AA

I've learn't more at this camp than I have all last season! Thank you very much! -SC

This camp was great because I learned the right way to avoid blocks and become a better hitter. I also learned a better way to serve to avoid injury.  -CB

I had a wonderful time and learned so much. Thank you! -ZP

Unreal camp! My hitting got a lot better, and I learned how to jump serve!! -AM

This camp was so great I am totally coming to the fall camps too! -CF

This camp was great! A lot of fun and I am glad I came because I needed the good coaching and extra practice. I am very thankful I came. -AN

This camp was sick! The coaches know a lot about the sport! -MG

I have been attending this summer camp for two years now. Each year it was a great learning experience for me and I enjoyed working with the other athletes and coaches very much. This is a great wind-up to summer and a kick off to the school season. -BD

This summer I went to the Vision Return-to-School Primer and had a blast! I learned a few new tricks and different ways of performing skills I already know how to do! The coach that was brought in from Balmoral was great with us and I really appreciated him coming to teach us! I met soo many new people and reconnected with old ones! My team was fantastic and I would totally go back to this camp! Go Team C. -LN
I liked this camp. I learned new things and my serve is way better. I liked the schedule.
Funnest camp like ever! I'm ready for the fall ones!
The camp this week was hard work but very rewarding. I enjoyed learning new skills as well as practicing old ones. I had learned during the club season with Vision. The coaching was very good at the camp and I would recommend it to others who would like to improve their skills. I liked the idea of having a tournament at the end of the camp. I had lots of fun at this camp and am hoping to attend one again next year. 
I'm just writing to you about the camp I went to this summer. I think that it was a great experience! It really made me improve on my overhand serves and my hitting, two things that I really wanted to get better at for the next upcoming year! I really liked it there, because you coaches were great at helping us, and the techniques you taught us are excellent. I would have to say, we really did some interesting stretches, they really work your muscles (I should know)! I can't wait until next summer, when I get to come to this camp again! 
I thought you held a good and hard camp. I also learned many new things, such as how to serve, different foot patterns and blocking. I also really liked how we would end every practice session with a game. I really liked your camp and thought it helped out a lot. 
Over the summer I went to both the July & August summer camps and had an amazing time! For the July camp I learned so many new things and... it was hard but it was so fun! Now in the August camp... I had gotten a bit scared to come because I heard it was going to be really hard! and the first day was but for me it seemed to get easier. I made tons of friends and got to hang out with old ones but most importantly I got to work on my skill. I really improved the strength of my hit and got to work on my cross body and cut shot again! Overall I had an awesome time at your camps and I can't wait to come back and work with you! Thank you for all that you have taught me so far! 
I'm just writing to let you know that I thought the camp was great... we learned a lot of new things and we also had the chance to improve/perfect the things that we already knew... I also liked it because it was hard and it pushed us to be the best we can be. I liked it a lot even though I was a little on the sore side... no pain, no gain! 

I was at the August camp and I had an amazing time!!  I really liked how you pushed us so hard and how you never let us quit.  I liked when we got to work on our top spin serve, I will definitely use that this year.  We learned many new shots like the cross body and the cut shot, it really helps you as a hitter to be able to use those shots.  I really think that everyone that came to your camp improved in one aspect of their game, and it was good to learn how to slide properly (as painful as it was).  I really am looking forward for the seasons to come and I can't wait to go to your camps next year. -RT

I had tons of fun and it taught me new things. -SB
I like the butterfly drill because I like to swing through and I hope we can keep doing it. 
I really liked many of the drills we did and I had a very good time. I really liked the many opportunities you gave us. Thank you.
You really worked on our passing skills and I think everyone improved greatly on passing! 
Ever since I started
club I have always made sure to participate in the Vision Camps. I always look forward to learning and improving. Thank you for the opportunity!

I really liked how you focused on our skills. I learnt a lot from you. Thank you! -JE
The camp was really fun and I learned a lot! We did a lot of arm swing, which was good. 
The camp was a lot of fun and taught us a lot about volleyball. 
I had a great time at this camp and I learned a lot! I can't wait to go to one of your next camps!
I have learned so much since I started this camp. Thank You! 
I learned a lot! 
The camp was fun and a great way to learn new skills. 
It was fun!
I had a lot of fun at camp and I
earnt a lot. I learned that you don't have to plant your feet to pass a ball! 
Camp was fun! I learned so much. Thank you! 
I always look forward to coming to the Vision camps because I have fun, but I also learn new skills and I improve old skills. 
Luc, your camp was amazing! 
Thanks so much Mr. Tremblay, I learned so much.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the instructors for a job well done! I got to learn some new skills and to meet some new friends! Thanks again! -DB