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VISION Youth Academy

A Great Start to the Sport

VISION Youth Academy is offered to boys and girls in grades 5-6. 

TIER 4 - Introductory (grade 5-6 Boys & Girls)
NOTE: For Tiers 1-3 (grade 7-10+ Girls) Visit "
VISION Premier League"

Choose from one of these practice locations:

  • River Heights School (Vision West), 1350 Grosvenor Ave.; Mondays from 7:00-9:00pm
  • Munroe Junior High (Vision East), 405 Munroe Ave.; Fridays from 6:00-8:00pm
  • ecole St. Avila School (Vision South), 633 Patricia Ave.; Tuesdays from 6:00-8:00pm

When: Sunday afternoons, Youth Academy plays before VISION Premier
Where: John Pritchard School, 1490 Henderson HWY, Winnipeg, MB
Time: 12:00pm-6:00pm (each team plays 2 back to back games every Sunday).
NOTE: Younger teams play first and can expect to play between 12:00pm-2:00pm.
See our schedule: 


Regular registration fee per season: $190

  • FALL SEASON - Early-bird SPECIAL $20.00 off your registration fee with our discount code: before September 1st!
  • WINTER SEASON - Early-bird SPECIAL $20.00 off your registration fee with our discount code: before December 1st!
  • SPRING SEASON - Early-bird SPECIAL $20.00 off your registration fee with our discount code: before March 1st!
    Discount codes posted in our weekly e-Blast. See our
     Home Page for details on how to register for our newsletter.

There is no registration deadline prior to the start of season. However, space is limited and the program will close once both venues are filled. 

If you are registering more than one child for this program you are entitled to a 25% discount on additional children.  The discount is automatic, however, all must be registered at the same time in order for the system to recognize the family registration.  

If a team cannot be found for your child a full refund will be provided. For a complete overview of our refund policy please visit our REFUND POLICY page.

VISION Youth Academy Coaching

VISION Elite Volleyball Club is the High-Performance program for Volleyball Winnipeg. Simply put, the coaching staff is second-to-none in the Province.
That being said, there are virtually no experienced coaches willing to spend a season working with young athletes in grades 5-7. As a result, all VISION Youth Academy teams are expected to be coached by parent-volunteer coaches. In fact, a primary goal of this program is that of developing future coaches. Without the participation of parent-volunteer coaches there would be virtually no opportunity for young athletes to get started.
Both VISION Youth Academy programs train in gyms with experienced coaches on a second court. These coaches are available to assist parent coaches as needed. Coaches simply need to ask. With that, an experienced VISION Elite coach will attend 1-2 early-season training sessions to ensure parent-volunteer coaches understand the principles of the training program.
VISION Youth Academy was developed to provide young athletes who aspire for a competitive introduction to the sport with a place to play and learn the fundamentals. The program is available to girls and boys in grades 5 and 6 who are interested in practicing once a week and playing on Sunday afternoons in the VISION Premier League.

Live Life... Play Volleyball

The vision coaching was the best I have ever had! All the coaches were very willing to give you great advice! Playing with Vision has been the best time for me to improve. - A.E.

I learned a lot this season thanks to the help of my coaches. I couldn’t have asked for a better team because I truly made best friends on this team! - K.B.

I’m glad to have had Vision Elite Volleyball as my first ever volleyball club. Everyone at the club was nice, and patient when learning new skills. The practices were informative as well. - C.D.

I really like the coaching style of the coach, he is very honest and I believe that that is the best way for me, and the whole team to learn. - C.T.

For a complete list of what athletes and parents have to say about our program please visit our REVIEW page.


Since its inception in 2002, VISION clubs have earned 3 National Championships 
(numerous top-five finishes) and
 44 Provincial Championship medals:

12 Gold - 19 Silver - 13 Bronze

This is by far the most of any other girls program in the province.


VISION Elite Volleyball Club Goals:
  • To promote the sport of volleyball to young athletes in the Winnipeg area;
  • To improve each athlete's skill and knowledge of the game;
  • To educate each athlete on the aspects of team and individual goals;
  • To improve the confidence and self-esteem of each athlete;
  • To create a positive environment for athletes that promotes good sportsmanship and respect for others;
  • To provide an opportunity for athletes to prepare for a collegiate level of play;
  • To provide coaches with the opportunity to improve their skills through the experiences offered in coaching exceptional athletes;
  • To educate players and their parents about the rules and procedures that govern the sport of volleyball.
Any athlete interested in being considered for VISION Youth Academy should note that coaches may be required to make selections depending on the number of interested athletes and available coaches.

a) It’s not all about winning... Our coaches are expected to bring a little joy and happiness to the lives of our young athletes.

b) Provide superior training (visit our VISION Club Photos to see the results).

c) Our families’ happiness is monitored on a regular basis with the use of athlete journals and parents’ advocates.

View our Calendar for details on all our programs...

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