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VISION Premier League

How to Register

Regular registration fee per season: $190

  • FALL SEASON - Early-bird SPECIAL $20.00 off your registration fee with our discount code: before September 1st!
  • WINTER SEASON - Early-bird SPECIAL $20.00 off your registration fee with our discount code: before December 1st!
  • SPRING SEASON - Early-bird SPECIAL $20.00 off your registration fee with our discount code: before March 1st!
    Discount codes posted in our weekly e-Blast. See our
     Home Page for details on how to register for our newsletter.


There is no registration deadline prior to the start of season. In fact, once Evaluations are completed there are normally a few teams still looking for players. These are posted at the top of this page until all teams are full. 

If you are registering more than one child for this program you are entitled to a 25% discount on additional children.  The discount is automatic, however, all must be registered at the same time in order for the system to recognize the family registration.

If a team cannot be found for your child a full refund will be provided. For a complete overview of our refund policy please visit our REFUND POLICY page.

Bring a little fun into your life!

Division C - Introductory (grade 5-6 Boys & Girls)
Division B - Beginner (grade 7-8 Girls)
Division A - Intermediary (grade 8-9 Girls)
Division AA - Advanced (grade 10+ Girls)

NOTE: If there are enough teams for more Divisions they will be added as AAA and AAAA.

When: Sunday afternoons with Division C playing first.
Time: 12:00pm-6:00pm (each team plays 2 back to back games every Sunday) See our schedule: TIERS & SCHEDULES!
John Pritchard School, 1490 Henderson HWY, Winnipeg, MB

Teams practice once per week at a venue in their catchment area. Athletes are placed on teams at Evaluations (see below for complete details).
IMPORTANT: Athletes are placed on teams at EVALUATIONS (see below for details). That means coaches approach athletes at Evaluations and, should a team practice on an evening your daughter is not available, other teams practice on other evenings. She can join one of them.

All Seasons end with a Championship Tournament with awards presented to top teams.  


Athletes are placed on teams by attending Evaluation Sessions where coaches attend and offer spots to athletes on their teams. This is where athletes learn about the practice options available.

IMPORTANT: Athletes are expected to attend evaluations until they are placed on a team.

  • Athletes are separated according to the area of the city they reside inso that they will be offered opportunities to play on teams that practice in their area as much as possible.
  • Athletes will be asked by coaches which friends they may wish to play with. Coaches are expected to keep friends together.
  • Athletes who reside outside the citycan choose that area that is closest to them.
  • Parents should be prepared for the possibility that their child be asked to join a team outside their immediate area.  There are a limited number of teams in each area within an age class.
  • lf additional evaluation sessions are required these will be added as needed.

A Great Start to the Sport

VISION Youth Academy is offered to boys and girls in grades 5-6. 

Division C - Introductory (grade 5-6 Boys & Girls)

Choose from one of these practice locations:

  • River Heights School (Vision West), 1350 Grosvenor Ave.; Mondays from 7:00-9:00pm
  • Munroe Junior High (Vision East), 405 Munroe Ave.; Fridays from 6:00-8:00pm
  • Dalhousie School (Vision South), 262 Dalhousie Dr.; Tuesdays from 6:00-8:00pm

Why Choose VISION Premier League...


"Titans Volleyball Club" for athletes who reside in the Charleswood, St. James, & River Heights area; 
"Tigers Volleyball Club" for athletes who reside in the Fort Garry, Lindenwoods, & Fort Richmond area;
"Fusion Volleyball Club" for athletes who reside in the St. Boniface, St. Vital & Southdale areas; 
"Stars Volleyball Club" for athletes who reside in the East Kildonan & Transcona areas.  
  • Team environment;
  • Awards at three separate tournaments (December, March & June);
  • A recreational, fair-play environment;
  • An Annual Athlete Awards Banquet.

The VISION Youth League is a volunteer-driven non-profit with a sincere appreciation of the need for our League Coaches.

Benefits to VISION Youth League Coaches:

  • Coach a team and register your child at no cost!
    NOTE: Discount Code provided once you register as a coach.

This is our way of saying "Thank you!" for taking the time to give back to the sport and the young athletes placing their trust in you. Thank you!

The VISION Youth League is a fair-play environment. However,  please remember that coaches do have the right to restrict the playing time of athletes that regularly miss practices or otherwise do not understand their assignments on the court. Furthermore, parents must also understand that not all athletes play the same position and may therefore not play equally with athletes playing other positions. 

The VISION Youth League is flexible with age and places athletes in tiers according to their ability. This allows athletes to improve according to their ability and to experience optimal levels of play with other athletes of similar skill levels.

The league also attempts to have athletes train in their area with regional clubs. That being said, it may still be necessary for some athletes to join a club outside of their area depending on the available number of teams. 

It is important for new athletes to participate in the process if they wish to find a team. Athletes that cannot be placed on a team are provided a full refund. 

Out of town residents welcome! We have many participants who reside outside the Winnipeg-area. Our program is not limited to Winnipeg residents. 

What people have to say about our league

The VISION Youth League is a fun, recreational program where players are placed on teams based on the area of the city they live in and their general skill set. All games are held on Sunday afternoons so as not to conflict with school sports.

The program is split into three seasons. The Fall, Winter and Spring sessions. These consist of one week-night practice and league matches on Sunday afternoons. Every season runs for 10 weeks and ends with a Championship Tournament. It should be noted that each season has a week-end break as a result of statutory holidays. Detailed schedules located at the bottom of the page.

What athletes have to say about the program ...
"Volleyball Winnipeg gives a lot of great opportunities and is a good environment for girls to learn and experience different teams and skills." - S. K.

"We had really good coaching and it was very fun to play. There also wasn’t pressure from my coaches and teammates to not make mistakes which I really liked, because I could just have fun!" -H.T.

Feel free to read more comments from our Premier League athletes on our "PREMIER LEAGUE REVIEWS" page.

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View our Calendar for details on all our programs...

Annual Banquet


When: Wednesday, June 10th, 2020
Times: 6-8:30pm
Where: Crescentwood Community Centre, 1170 Corydon Ave.
Note: Teams will be allocated their own tables. Pot luck event.
Awards, door prizes.

Discuss your team's participation with your coach.

We look forward to seeing many of you there!

2018 Fall Youth Evaluation Camp