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Volleyball Training Videos

We are providing traning/drills videos to assist our volunteer coaches and athletes better understand the training techniques available to develop the necessary skills of volleyball.

We look forward to adding to these so feel free to forward any videos you find helpful to us so that we might add them. 

Introduction to fundamentals-part 1 Video 1

This video was put together by our own Head Coach, Luc Tremblay! In this video he highlights the fundamentals of setting and passing, along with some drills which break down the motion in order to be able to develop the skill perfectly.

Introduction to Fundamentals-part 2 Video 2

This video, also put together by our Head Coach, Luc Tremblay, highlights fundamentals and drills for blocking, hitting and serving. Once again, Coach Luc Tremblay breaks down these skill sets in order for young athletes to be able to develop proper techniques for their success in the sport. 

Setter Drills Video 3

This video is centered around setting and shows many diferent setting drills and information on how to grow and develop using your hands in this sport.

Hitting Drills Video 4

This video shows basic drills to the beginning of hitting! Starting with footwork, then to arm swing drills, there is plenty to be able to take from this.

Passing Basics Video 5

This video highlights the importance of footwork and ready position when preparing to pass a ball. 

Passing Drills Video 6

This video includes some drills for developing your passing skills. These break down fundamentals so that the most can be gained from these drills.

Serving Drills Video 7

This video breaks down serving and serving drills for overhand serving. When first learning to overhand serve, these drills will help you learn to get a consstent and powerful serve!


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