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Cue Words for the Sport


  • Step with left foot (left foot start forward).
  • Low toss/lift.
  • Follow through and point towards target.



  • (Right)-Left-Right-Left footwork.
  • Small to big steps/slow to fast. 
  • Throw hands high.
  • Wrist snap (top spin).



  • Wide base – Feet shoulder width apart.
  • Feet to ball early.
  • Feet under the ball.
  • Short stop posture.
  • Bend knees.
  • Thumbs parallel, thumbs together.
  • Wrists down, elbows locked.
  • Platform to target/ Face the target.
  • Low body posture.
  • Drop shoulder closest to target.
  • Watch the bottom of the ball.
  • No call – ball will fall.



  • Legs flexed.
  • Hands high.
  • Eyes on ball.
  • Front hitter.
  • Reading skills.
  • Fingers surround ball.



  • Feet to ball early.
  • Right foot forward.
  • Square up to front target.
  • Ball-shaped hands.
  • Extend to the ceiling.
  • Hands in the shape of the ball.
  • Superman extension.



  • Get low.
  • Be stopped at contact of ball by hitter.
  • Maximum pursuit.
  • Communication.
  • Platform to target.
  • Floor skills (rolls, sprawls and dives).
  • No call, ball will fall.