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Volleyball Winnipeg

is a grass-roots volleyball organization dedicated to providing area coaches with the infrastructure to launch, promote and administer volleyball programs in the Winnipeg area.

These programs now include:


- MINI Volleyball Camps                                - YOUTH Leagues 
- BOYS Programs                                                - YOUTH Camps 
VISION Club Volleyball                               - YOUTH Beach League
- VISION Beach Volleyball Club

ADULT Indoor Leagues
- ADULT Co-ed Beach Leagues

Updates & News

Vision Rage winners in Selkirk U15 Tournament
Vision Flames win Bronze at Premier Tournament
Vision U14 Flames win bronze medal in Portage.

Mini Volleyball

Youth Volleyball

Adult Volleyball

Congratulations to all 2017 Fall Season Winners!!!

  • Vision - Tier One Silver
  • Stars Green - Tier Two Gold
  • Vision Hurricanes - Tier Three Gold
  • Vision Vipers - Tier Three Silver
  • Tigers - Tier Two Silver
  • Pound Town - Adult Co-ed League Tier One Champions
  • We Seam Thirsty - Adult Co-ed League Tier Two Champions
  • Volley Lamas - Adult Co-ed League Tier Three Champions
  • The Other Team - Adult Co-ed Tier Five Champions
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