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Vision Elite Volleyball Club

Free Camp Day for VISION Elite

Come out for a season-ending Camp Day.

VISION Coaches will take the opportunity to outline your strengths and areas you can work on in the off-season.

This is also an excellent opportunity for athletes to chat with coaches about their season and plan ahead in terms of exercises they can undertake in the off-season to come back stronger. 

Details are as follows:

Where: Louis Riel Arts & Tech Centre, 5 De Bourmont Ave.
When: Sunday, May 26, 2019
12-2:00pm athletes on U14 teams
2-4:00pm athletes on U15 teams
4-6:00pm athletes on U13 & 16 teams

Free T-shirts and string bags for everyone!
IMPORTANT: These Free Camps are only available to athletes registered in our VISION Elite Volleyball Club.

We look forward to seeing many of you there!

Visin Elite Annual Banquet Confirmed

Annual Banquet for VISION Elite Volleyball Club.
Team Awards, Coach Awards, Athlete Awards, Door Prizes and various contests.
Teams are allocated their own table and each team is invited to bring a potluck dinner.
Discuss your team's participation with your team manager!


VISION Elite teams win Gold, Silver & Bronze at 2019 Provincial Championships.

VISION Elite U15 Rage take fourth place at National Championships in Edmonton.

For complete results on VISION Elite teams see 2019 Results page.

Responding to a few Rumours

Some of our favourite rumours from the 2019 Club Season included the following:

1- The VISION Elite U15 Rage coach lost the Provincial Semi-Finals to VISION Elite U15 Hurricane on purpose to make sure VISION won two Provincial Championship medals.

TRUE: The coach is such a team player, not to mention how fond he is of the VISION Hurricane coaches, that he naturally pondered throwing the semi-final game immediately following the team's convincing win in the quarter finals. After chatting with others, who made it clear that, should the Rage girls go on to win Provincials, their self-esteem and over-all confidence might grow to an unhealthy level, the decision was made to throw the game. He let his starters know they must get nervous and play poorly. The girls executed the game-plan so perfectly there was no need to get any of the non-starters in. Thanks to that coach, VISION not only won one Provincial medal, but two!

2- After a parent called the Program Head Coach to complain about her daughter’s lack of playing time at Provincials, he contacted the coach to make sure she played more.

FALSE: As we all know here at VISION, the Head Coach is a non-confrontational person who does not have the disposition required to challenge coaches about their decisions. He is, need we say it, a hugger. Rather than confronting coaches about their decisions, he spent much of his time at Provincials and Nationals offering hugs to parents in need of comfort. Of course, after a few important VISION Elite team losses he was the one looking for hugs.

3- Hannah (VISION U13) is 14 and was not entitled to play with the 13s at Provincials.

TRUE: Although she participated in 13U try outs in December and committed to playing with the 13s, one of our 14s teams lost a setter they believed had committed to their team and requested she be double-rostered with their team. With virtually no experienced club players on that 14s team, the environment was marred with constant stress and nerves. It’s fair to say the experience aged her beyond her years. She left a 13 year old and returned a few months later a 14 year old. 

Disclaimer: All these rumours, like most you will hear, are in fact false.
If you are a VISION Elite parent and would like to share one with us please contact Ruben at

VISION Elite teams in 2019-2020

VISION Elite Volleyball Club will begin formally announcing the names of returning coaches on September 01, 2019 for the upcoming 2019-2020 season.

VISION Elite Head Coach U13-14 Age Classes: Ben Solmundson
VISION Elite Head Coach U15+: Luc Tremblay

VISION U13 teams (Grade 7 Girls)
Born between Sept. 1, 2006 and Dec. 31, 2007
VISION expecting to field 2 teams
Coach: Chris Sommerhalder & Assistant  - TBC
Coach: Ron Fuentes & Assistant - TBC


VISION U14 (Grade 8 Girls)
Born between Sept. 1, 2005 and Dec. 31, 2006
VISION expecting to field 3 teams
Coach: Keith Richtik - 
Coach Sandy Malech & Assist. TBC. - TBC
Coach: Richard Pauls & Jennifer Kingsley - TBC


VISION U15 (Grade 9 Girls)
Born between Sept. 1, 2004 and Dec. 31, 2005
VISION expecting to field 3 teams.

Coach: Evan Morris & Carissa Nagtegaal - TBC
Other Coaches TBC.


VISION U16 (Grade 10 Girls)
Born between Sept. 1, 2003 and Dec. 31, 2004
VISION expecting to field 3 teams.
Coach: Emil Oquendo & Dean Pfiefer - 
Coach: Garry Leclerc, Kelly Barrault & Kaitlyn Krasnowski - TBC
Coach: Deirdre Khan & Ayiya Ottogo - TBC
Coach: Doug Thiessen & Jaiann Nagtegaal - TBC


VISION U17 (Grade 11 Girls)
Born between Sept. 1, 2002 and Dec. 31, 2003
VISION expecting to field 1 team.
 - TBC

VISION U18 (Grade 12 Girls)
VISION Elite will not be fielding teams in this age classes in the 2019-20 season unless coaches step forward.

Learn to Win!

VISION Elite Volleyball Club is the High Performance Development Program of Volleyball Winnipeg. All VISION Elite teams enjoy superior training from the best team of coaches in the Province. See below for Provincial Championship Results. 

Since 2002, VISION Elite Coaches have earned 3 National Championships
(numerous top-five finishes) and 44 Provincial Championship medals:

12 Gold; 19 Silver; 13 Bronze. 
This is by far the most of any other girls program in the province.

Love Life... Play Volleyball

The VISION Elite Volleyball Club was formed to provide athletes with  the best opportunity to play volleyball in a highly competitive environment. We emphasize the values of teamwork, self-discipline, self-motivation, good sportsmanship, and encourage all of our players to strive to be their very best. VISION Elite coaches will deliver superior technical instruction with a focus directly on the personal growth, development and support of our young athletes. We aspire to bring a little joy and happiness to the lives of our young athletes. 

All VISION Elite teams will be trained under the supervision of a team of coaches from Club Head Coach to team coaches. The coaching staff will utilize a variety of skill-specific drills that have been developed by our head coach over the years. Athletes will also be exposed to physical conditioning requirements and mental training principles. All VISION Elite coaches have worked hard over the years to ensure our athletes get the most out of their playing experience. Our exceptional coaching staff will provide a great opportunity for each team to excel in competition at the local and national levels.

Coaches at VISION Elite Volleyball have earned recognition for producing some of the top club athletes in the country, and past athletes can be found at colleges and universities across North America. The strength in our program is based in the development of fundamentally sound athletes, well-trained in all aspects of the game.

The mission of VISION Elite Volleyball is to be a leader in teaching, coaching and training young female volleyball athletes in all the aspects of the sport including; strong fundamentals in all volleyball skills; a sound understanding of team tactics; exposure to physical conditioning; and an introduction to mental preparation. This competitive athletic experience will enhance the social development, contribute to mental and physical health, and teach the values of teamwork, responsibility, self-discipline, and self-motivation to each athlete.


a) It’s not all about winning... Our coaches are expected to bring a little joy and happiness to the lives of our young athletes.

b) Provide superior training (visit our VISION Club Photos to see the results).

c) Offer two camps at no extra cost: Christmas Camp and Spring Break. Two-day camps each.

d) Our families' satisfaction is monitored at all times with the use of athlete journals and a parents’ advocate.


VISION Volleyball Club Goals:

  • To promote the sport of volleyball to young athletes in the Winnipeg area;
  • To improve each athlete's skill and knowledge of the game;
  • To educate each athlete on the aspects of team and individual goals;
  • To improve the confidence and self-esteem of each athlete;
  • To create a positive environment for athletes that promotes good sportsmanship and respect for others;
  • To provide an opportunity for athletes to prepare for a collegiate level of play;
  • To provide coaches with the opportunity to improve their skills through the experiences offered in coaching exceptional athletes;
  • To educate players and their parents about the rules and procedures that govern the sport of volleyball.

What people have to say about our program...

When I first came to VISION I was not a very strong volleyball player and didn't know much about the game. That changed after about two weeks of practicing which were sometimes tough but you could tell it helped us in the long run, plus you get to know your team really well with all the team bonding our manager puts together, so there lots of fun. As the year went on my skills improved more and more, and they will continue to improve as I will go back to playing with Vision. All of my coaches were fantastic and knew tons about the game. They helped me and my team improve mentally and physically on the court. I am excited to play again for VISION this year and hope the year will be even better than last year! - D.M.

The VISION coaching was the best I have ever had! All the coaches were very willing to give you great advice! Playing with VISION has been the best time for me to improve. - A.E.

I learned a lot this season thanks to the help of my coaches. I couldn’t have asked for a better team because I truly made best friends on this team! - K.B.

We've appreciated the opportunity to work with our athletes over the past 18 years and look forward to meeting our new group this coming season. 

If you want to get a better understanding of what athletes and parents have had to say about our program feel free to read a more complete representation or reviews see our "VISION Testimonials" page.

Hello Vision Families,

It is with sadness, that we announce the passing of one the faithful Vision Volleyball Moms. Jackie Hartog (mom to Jaelene Hartog) who played for Vision U14 Thunder last club season) passed away suddenly of an unexpected medical condition on Nov. 11, 2018. Jackie was always present in the gym cheering on her daughter with enthusiasm and passion. She would willingly volunteer to be scorekeeper and help in any way that she could. This Fall Jaelene is playing on the Vision Youth League team "Fire", coached by Deirdre Khan. Jackie has never once missed her daughter play a volleyball game as she loved watching Jaelene play. 

We encourage everyone who knows her family to take the time to reach out with care and support. Jackie was also a nurse dedicated to helping other. 

Jackie was a single mother of 4 with one of the biggest hearts we have seen. A GoFundMe page has been set up to help cover funeral costs and family expenses.

However, in addition to the GoFundMe page, Vision is like a big volleyball family and would like to support Jaelene more directly. Vision will be contacting families in the coming months to offer an opportunity to contribute to an idea that would directly help Jaelene. Please stay tuned for that opportunity! 

If you would like more information or have some ideas on how to help, please contact Milli via email:

View our Calendar for details on all our programs...

The Registration "Vision Elite Volleyball Club" is not currently available.

The Registration "Vision Elite Volleyball Club" is not currently available.

The Registration "Vision Elite Volleyball Club" is not currently available.

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