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Warriors Volleyball Club

Boys League starting this Winter!

Please note that all our WARRIORS teams are now full.

We have launched a boys Sunday League where they practice once a week with an instructor and play games on Sunday afternoons.

Information on our league can be found at: 4 on 4 Boys League

2023 Fall Camps

Any athlete interested in meeting our Coaches and Athletes is encouraged to come join us this Fall at one of our "FALL ELITE CAMPS".

Learn how we train and meet coaches for the upcoming 2023-2024 Club Volleyball Season.

Registration fee is pro-rated weekly and athletes can also choose to attend on a $30/drop-in!

See our "FALL CAMPS" page for details.

See our "CALENDAR" for a list of all drop-in Camps and Open Gyms. 

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YOUTH FALL CAMPS - Registration closed

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VISION Tryouts - Registration closed

Winnipeg Warriors

View our Calendar for details on all our programs...


Interested in Learning More about WARRIORS

WARRIORS Volleyball Club is the High Performance Program for Volleyball Winnipeg. It is one of the oldest and most established volleyball programs in the province.

TRYOUTS start December 09, 2023 for the upcoming 2024 Club Volleyball Season.

Anyone interested in learning more about our WARRIORS High Performance Program should consider attending some of our seasonal camps. These are a great opportunity to meet our coaches and discuss opportunities available for your son. 

For complete details on our available camps please visit our: 

Thank you for your interest in our program.

Program Overview

Volleyball Winnipeg has been offering High Performance Club Volleyball teams since 2001. 

With this experience comes standardized training techniques with a variety of coach training material only available to Volleyball Winnipeg coaches. These include a series of practice plans and training videos available for every age class. This allows for quality training at every age class. 

All program coaches work directly with Luc Tremblay, Volleyball Winnipeg's Head Coach, to ensure every team continues to excel while athletes are videotaped individually to assess technical proficiency and next progressions.

WARRIORS teams are Volleyball Winnipeg's High Performance teams and are expected to compete with the very best teams in the province. Athletes should expect to have exercises to perform at home on off-nights and they will also be exposed to mental training, physical conditioning and strategies of the game.



The Winner Will… it became clear in recent years that the mental health of our young athletes requires specialized attention. VISION Elite Volleyball Club has partnered with “The Winner Will” organization to provide athletes with daily exercises directed at improving their self-confidence and discipline.



Christmas & Spring Break Camps… members of VISION Elite and WARRIORS will also be enrolled in two, 2-day camps at no extra charge. 

The Christmas Camp is designed to teach athletes the drills they will be running during the upcoming First Phase of the season and the Spring Break Camp prepares them for the Competition Phase in April.

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Boys Winnipeg Volleyball


Warriors Volleyball Club is fielding teams from 13U - 17U for the upcoming 2023-24 season. Please note that we will not be offering a 16U team at this time. Details of the teams offered is listed below.


Born between Sept. 1, 2010 and Dec. 31, 2011
WARRIORS fielding 1 team - No pre-selected athletes
Head Coach: Jeff Landry
Practices will be held as follows:
Tuesdays 6:30-8:30pm, Thursdays 6:00-8:00pm, & Sundays 4:00-6:00pm, in the St. Boniface area & East Kildonan areas. 
Team competes in 6 Tournaments including 13U Provincials.
Registration Fee: $1,530.00 (TBC)

Merchandise Fee: $460 (TBC)
Fees payable in 4 monthly instalments


Born between Sept. 1, 2009 and Dec. 31, 2010
WARRIORS will be fielding 1 team 
- No pre-selected athletes
Head Coach: DJ Seales
Practices will be held as follows:
Tuesdays 6:30-8:30pm, , Thursdays 6:00-8:00pm,  & Sundays 4:00-6:00pm,  in the St.Boniface & East Kildonan areas.
Registration Fee: $2,195.00 (TBC)
Merchandise Fee: $460 (TBC)
Fees payable in 4 monthly instalments 


Born between Sept. 1, 2008 and Dec. 31, 2009
WARRIORS will be fielding 1 team 
- No pre-selected athletes
Head Coach: Jeff Landry
Practices will be held as follows:
Tuesdays 8:00-10:00pm, Wednesdays 8:00-10:00pm, Thursdays 8:00-10:00pm & Sundays 4:00-6:00pm in the St.Boniface & East Kildonan areas. Teams compete in 8 Tournaments including Provincials & Nationals.

Registration Fee: $2,195.00 (TBC)
Merchandise Fee: $460 (TBC)
Fees payable in 4 monthly instalments 


Born between Sept. 1, 2006 and Dec. 31, 2007
WARRIORS will be fielding 1 team 
- No pre-selected athletes
Head Coach: Tonya Moreton
Practices will be held as follows:
Tuesdays 8:00-10:00pm, Wednesdays 8:00-10:00pm, & Sundays 6:00-8:00pm in the East Kildonan area.
Team competes in 8 Tournaments including Provincials & Nationals.
Registration Fee: $2,295.00 (TBC)
Merchandise Fee: $460 (TBC)
Fees payable in 4 monthly instalments 

Learn to Train

If you are interested in being considered for WARRIORS Volleyball Club we are hosting tryouts early December.



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VISION Tryouts - Registration closed

Boys Winnipeg Volleyball

The Program

With tryouts starting early December, the club volleyball season runs from January – May with Provincial Championships in late April and National Championships in May. 

To introduce athletes to our unique training techniques we invite boys to attend our fall Prep Camps. These are excellent opportunities to meet our instructors and get to know staff and volunteers.

Warriors Boys Club

In 2001, Volleyball Winnipeg began offering club teams for girls and the club program has been one of the most successful in Manitoba.

For the upcoming 2021-22 Club Volleyball season Volleyball Winnipeg will begin offering a boys' club for the first time in its 20+ history. This is the "Warriors Volleyball Club".

Thank you for your interest in our programs.

Club Philosophy

The Warriors Volleyball Club was formed to provide boys with a competitive club volleyball experience. Coaches with Volleyball Winnipeg have earned recognition for producing teams that compete effectively against the top clubs in the country.

Every team will have an assigned instructor who will represent the club to ensure the quality of the technical training. It is our expectation that our instructors will deliver the quality of instruction that will allow our athletes to compete effectively at Provincials and Nationals.

In brief, Warriors Volleyball, in an effort to standardize a uniform and committed progression of skill development, has developed a training program that is unique in Manitoba. Introduced and developed by the head coach, the development of all Warriors athletes is monitored within the program by certified instructors. 

Club Goals

We focus on improving and developing the technical skills of our athletes through intense training and individualized teaching. Our coaches are expected to provide correction and error detection with positive feedback while having fun and working hard as a team. Winning is not our only focus.

Program Highlights

Our goal is to provide a positive coaching environment where athletes can:

  • develop good sportsmanship; 
  • take their volleyball skills to the next level; 
  • promote team pride and positive self-esteem; 
  • inspire a strong work ethic and a winning attitude; 
  • maintain their love of the game and continue to have fun. 

For the upcoming 2023 club season the Warriors Volleyball Club will offer the following number of teams:

  • 13 & Under (boys born between Sept. 1, 2008 and Dec. 31, 2009) - One Team
  • 14 & Under (boys born between Sept. 1, 2007 and Dec. 31, 2008) - One Team
  • 15 & Under (boys born between Sept. 1, 2006 and Dec. 31, 2007) - One Team

Mission Statement

All Warriors teams are committed to providing young athletes with first-class training in the sport of volleyball. The Club Director and all our club coaches will strive to provide all our athletes with an opportunity to excel as individuals and as a team. This is accomplished through a competitive, positive, respectful and fun environment in which all players will be expected to actively participate. 

Athletes will learn they can reach their goals on and off the court by adhering to a strong work ethic while exhibiting a winning attitude during times of triumph and when faced with challenges. These lessons include teamwork, positive communication, respect for others and how to accept victory and defeat with dignity and with a winning attitude.  

Thinking of Volunteering

Club Teams cannot function without the active participation of a Team Manager. Their responsibilities involve organizing parents to:

  • Plan team travel; 
  • Adopt our team app; 
  • Prepare team fund-raisers; 
  • Participate in organizing parents' orientation meeting, monthly team outings, and year-end wind-up.

Teams will also be asked to secure the following additional volunteers:

  • Players Advocate: Volunteers who sit in at training sessions to ensure our "Policy of Two" which ensures that coaches are not left alone with athletes without an parent present
  • Media Rep: A family volunteer who is responsible for videotaping games for families and "recording their journey" by posting photos and videos on our social media

Benefits of Joining Warriors Club

•    Standardized Training: WARRIORS has developed a training program unique in Manitoba. Introduced and developed by the Club Head Coach, the development of all WARRIORS athletes is monitored within the program performance levels determined for each age class. 

•    Positional Training: Training both teams together will allow for more positional specific training.

•    Make-up Sessions: WARRIORS athletes are permitted to join the training session of other WARRIORS teams when they cannot attend one of their own practices. This is permitted until spring break.

Boys Winnipeg Volleyball
Boys Volleyball
Boys Volleyball Club
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