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VISION Volleyball Club

All Permits Cancelled

Hello Members,

Please note that all school divisions have cancelled permits until April. As a result all volleyball is cancelled until further notice.

Thank you for your understanding.

VW Board


VISION Volleyball Club is a new initiative launched this year to address the growing expense of participating in club volleyball. 

There are no cuts with VISION Volleyball Club teams. Athletes who participate in try outs simply need to let coaches know they would like to participate in the VISION Club program and they will be accepted. 

Fees for the program are also approx. 60% of the cost of playing club volleyball. Teams will practice twice a week and play league games on Sunday afternoons. They will also participate in four club tournaments during the club volleyball season.

Please note that athletes interested in making a VISION team attend a VISION Fall Camp where they can meet coaches and other VISION athletes. These are outlined below.

VISION Volleyball Tryouts

VISION Volleyball Club Tryouts are ongoing!

Accepting athletes in all age classes!!!

For a complete list of dates and venues please visit our VISION Tryouts page.

Registration is online and you can register by clicking on the link below.

The Registration "VISION Volleyball Club" is not currently available.

Mission Statement

Based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, VISION Volleyball is a partnership of volunteers, coaches, athletes, and their parents. We are committed to the pursuit of excellence while providing young female athletes the opportunity to perform at their absolute best. We strive to develop enhanced confidence, increased skill levels, genuine competitiveness and a positive self image for all our participating athletes. We also stress a positive attitude during play, the importance of preparation for top-level competition, teamwork and the value of volleyball as a sport. 

VISION Volleyball players improve their skills and gain valuable experience by competing from January to May at local, regional and national tournaments. Athletes receive additional instruction throughout the season at positional camps and workshops conducted by our head coaches and other volleyball experts.

Our goal is to provide a positive coaching environment where athletes can:

  • develop good sportsmanship; 
  • take their volleyball skills to the next level; 
  • promote team pride and positive self-esteem; 
  • inspire a strong work ethic and a winning attitude; 
  • maintain their love of the game and continue to have fun. 

Athletic achievement is important to us. However, VISION Volleyball also strives to develop the athlete as a person. When approached positively, athletics teaches important life skills.

Our athletes learn…the lessons of winning and losing: Winning with grace and without false pride that may cause future failure; and losing with honor and respect for the opponent. 

Our athletes learn…how to deal with pressure. The butterflies an athlete may feel playing important matches - not unlike the butterflies she may feel when preparing for an important job interview later in life.  

Our athletes learn…respect for teamwork. The best player on a team cannot succeed by herself. The contributions of every player on the team are important. 

Our athletes learn…the importance of goal setting and how hard work during preparation leads to success. They learn to approach practice as a time to change how they play for the better. Doing the wrong thing more often is not much help. It is better to change and do the right thing. 

It remains true that much of an athlete’s improvement remains up to the individual. A good work ethic and commitment to personal improvement are necessary for personal success as an elite athlete. And although individual gifts of athletic ability, size and speed are empowering, athletes also need elite training and a positive, well-managed organization. If you share our philosophy and our commitment to excellence, we hope you will consider VISION Volleyball Club.

VISION Volleyball Club

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VISION Volleyball Club