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Coaches Resources

Volleyball Winnipeg Resources

Volleyball Winnipeg will make material available to all coaches on its "Coaching Resources" page. We encourage others to forward material so that any coach wishing to improve themselve can find a strong resource here on our website.


6-person rotation card

Open letter to all who coach U14 kids

Coaching coaches: 10 things to think about

Dear vocal coach

For coaches

Injury prevention through proper reaction

Juniors need to start seeing doubles

Kessel's guide to ruining a player

Kessel's scoring variations

My favourite coach

Offside hitting

Please use the net

Ten commandments of volleyball

The most important skills in volleyball

Top ten secrets about coaching kidz volleyball

We coach the way we were coached

Beach volleyball basics

How to run a beach volleyball clinic

2-4 youth player rules

Crosstraining in volleyball

From positive to perfection

Gifts for a volleyball player

Give kids a good start in volleyball

Guide to disabled volleyball 2010

Guide to volleyball basics 2006

Kidz court manual

Training tools for junior olympians

USA Mini Volleyball

Why mini volleyball

Coach guide


Coaches Guide to First Aid