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About the opportunities

Like most non-profits, sport organizations are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of paying for help. Gone are the days when youth sports were primarily offered at the local community centre with a volunteer parent running the program as the centre’s sport convener. A difficult job that included the many responsibilities of securing permits for all teams to practice, confirming venues for games, finding referees if needed and the most thankless responsibility of all… recruiting parent-volunteers to coach. A formula requiring volunteers recruit more volunteers. Of course, this system has been a staple of youth sports in Canada for decades, however, it is falling out of favour and being replaced by the European-style club system.

The club model allows for an entrepreneurial approach to sport. Coaches can start a club like they can any enterprise. The stronger the coach, the better the opportunity to attract other strong coaches and herein lies the motivation to improve in the delivery of the program. The downside for parents is the increase in fees. Community sports were always an affordable entry point for parents of young athletes. The club system is not so affordable and with the higher cost comes higher expectations.

In today’s marketplace, an organization must deliver above-average service in every aspect of the consumer experience. That would include accessing information easily on the website, following team activities on social media, offering a variety of programs that are responsive to young athletes, not to mention general administration, bookkeeping and digital marketing activities.

Delivering superior programs requires a team of highly effective people and Volleyball Winnipeg is interested in meeting more people who would like to join the team. Financial compensation is always provided. Here are some opportunities available for the right person…

Volleyball Coaches/Instructors Wanted

Job Type: Contract Position
Volleyball Winnipeg offers programs from Mini Volleyball and Youth Volleyball to Adult Volleyball. Respect for our core values is paramount to our growing success and these values are reinforced in everything we do.
Respect – is demonstrated in words and actions. Treat our athletes, parents, referees, and others with respect.
Responsibility – the ability to own up for your actions is paramount to an organizations success. This refers to attending practices and competitions as required and being prepared at all times.
Honesty – being fair and truthful with athletes and parents. Remaining consistent in words and actions.
Courage – possessing the confidence to resolve issues as they arise.
  1. You can participate as a volunteer coach within our Youth Recreational League which allows for initial development as a coach and free access to skills camps for your child.
  2. You can participate as a club coach within the VISION Elite Volleyball Club, Volleyball Winnipeg's High Performance program.

  1. Manage the team’s equipment inventory.
  2. Attend practices, weekend competitions and coaching meetings as assigned.
  3. Teach the fundamental skills and advanced skill progressions along with team tactics.
  4. Understanding of Volleyball Canada rules and provincial coaching certification requirements.
  5. Plan practice plans, game-day strategies and demonstrate an interest in collaborating with other program coaches to improve and grow as a coach.
  1. Working knowledge of the game.
  2. Coaching experience preferred and will determine coaching assignment.

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Volleyball Winnipeg

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