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Volleyball Winnipeg

VISION Provincial Champions

is a grass-roots, non-profit volleyball organization dedicated to providing area coaches with the infrastructure to launch, promote and administer volleyball programs in the Winnipeg area.

These programs include:

MINI Volleyball Camps - for boys & girls in grades 2-4
YOUTH Leagues - for boys in grades 5 & 6/girls in grades 5-12                                                            YOUTH Camps - for boys & girls in grades 7-12
VISION Elite Club Volleyball - for girls in grades 6-12
YOUTH Beach League - for girls in grades 7-10
VISION Beach Volleyball Club - for girls in grades 7-10
ADULT Indoor Leagues - Men & Women 18+
ADULT Co-ed Beach Leagues - Men & Women 18+

Vision Return to School Camps

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Updates & News

VISION Elite Prep Camp
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VISION Premier League
VISION Juniors