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Learn the FUNdamentals!

Volleyball Winnipeg mini-volleyball instructors use a variety of unique training techniques to introduce young athletes to the fundamentals of the game quickly and efficiently. As a "development program" mini-volleyball is offered as a camp with a season-ending tournament.


  • Mini Volleyball is for boys & girls in grades 2-4;
  • Boys & girls in grades 5-6 should refer to the "Juniors Program" which is part of our Youth League.
1- River Osborne Community Centre (ROCC), 101 Pembina Hwy.
2- Norberry-Glenlee Community Centre (NGCC), 26 Molgat Ave.
3- Centennial School (Selkirk),
19 Centennial Ave

The Registration "Mini-Volleyball" is not currently available.

Why Choose Mini Volleyball?


  • For girls and boys grade 2 to 4;
  • Players are separated according to ability, not only their age;
  • Development camp in the fall, winter & spring with season-ending tournaments;
  • Season-ending tournaments organized in December, March & June.



1.   Camp t-shirt & sling bag;
2.  Weekly themes to add more fun for all participants;
3.  Top mini volleyball instruction during seasonal development camps;
4.  Tournaments are fair-play with everyone participating equally;
5.  Food, refreshments, awards & prizes available at all tournaments.


Mini-Volleyball is a sport that was invented in the town of Taiki which is on Japan's northern most island of Hokkaido. The rules are very similar to volleyball, but the ball and the size of the court differ from the standard game. The sport has achieved significant international popularity as an activity that can be enjoyed by younger volleyball enthusiasts. The key elements of the program are the modifications that have been introduced to make it more conducive to the physical development of junior participants. These modifications include:

  • A lighter ball;
  • A lower net – 2 meters high;
  • A smaller court – approximately 13 meters by 6.5 meters;
  • Fewer players on the court to encourage greater participation.


Parents interested in coaching their children volunteer as assistant instructors during the fall camps to learn how our instructors train young athletes in the fundamentals of the game. After the nine-week program is completed athletes are placed on a team and participate in a "Christmas Jamboree" tournament where their parents coach them throughout the event. During the winter season parents continue as coaches as they participate in the mini-volleyball winter league.


A secondary goal of Volleyball Winnipeg is to provide volunteer coaches an opportunity for personal development through the sport of volleyball. To achieve this VW will provide a number of opportunities for volunteer coaches to improve their coaching.

  • Online tools that includes technical info and training videos;
  • Coaches present during the start of league matches to run drills and answer questions;
  • Coaching clinics as called upon.


The VW Mini-Volleyball Program is separated into three distinctive fall, winter and spring seasons. All three seasons are run as development camps with an instructor and parents are invited to assist and toss balls or otherwise help with drills. Each session ends with some team play and teams are informal; determined at each session. Every season ends with an organized tournament at which point athletes are placed on a team and can measure their development against that of others. Food, refreshments, awards and prizes are provided to everyone. 

Mini-volleyball is a co-ed 3-on-3 or 4-on-4 game played on badminton courts. The nets are raised to 6’ with an extension pole. These changes provide younger players with a better opportunity to develop the skills of volleyball while experiencing some much needed success.

View our Calendar for details on Weekly Themes for Mini Volleyball...