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Refund Policy

The only valid reasons for withdrawing from our Premier League is that we could not place your child on a team:

  • There is no team;
  • The athlete was transferred out of the area and the distance is too far (across the city and at the discretion of the organization);
  • There are no teams in the league practicing on evenings the athlete is available.

Any refund request must be made in writing via e-mail to:  

If you make a request for a refund based on the above listed items a refund will be issued. There will be a $20 admin fee deducted from the amount paid.

All requests for refunds must therefore be made BEFORE the start of scheduled League Games. Once scheduled matches have begun none of the reasons listed above would apply. 

If an athlete is injured during the season VISION will provide a credit to play the following season at no cost or discount (based on the amount they have played). That bein
g said, the request must be made in writing.


  • Withdraw two weeks prior to the start of the program:
    • A full refund will be provided (less $20.00 admin fee)
    • OR Full credit to be applied at any future Volleyball Winnipeg program
  • Withdraw within two weeks of the start of the program:
    • 50% of the registration fee will be refunded (less $20.00 admin fee)
    • OR Full credit to be applied at any future Volleyball Winnipeg program
  • Once the program has started no refunds will be provided
    • You may qualify for a pro-rated credit to be applied at any future Volleyball Winnipeg program
  • Medical withdrawal/absences:
    • Athletes that withdraw or otherwise miss due to medical injury or illness may receive a pro-rated credit to be applied at any future VW program.

Inquire via email:

Please note this policy relates to the following:

  • VISION Elite Volleyball Club
  • VISION Volleyball Club
  • Warriors Volleyball Club

Volleyball Winnipeg does not offer any refunds for club volleyball athletes since the loss of an athlete cannot be replaced once all club athletes have committed to their teams. Therefore, VW defines the start of the season as the team's first practice (which occurs in December) and not the team's first tournament (which generally starts in March).

However, should an athlete become injured and not be available to continue his or her season, VW will not pursue the remainder of any amounts due and will cancel remaining payments. The athlete is still responsible for his or her merchandise fees. 


There are no refunds for withdrawing from VISION Elite and VISION Tryouts.

The only valid reason for withdrawing from the WMVA Adult League is that we could not place you (individual registrants) or your team in a tier.

We understand conflicts in commuting and scheduling. Once the schedule has been made and posted then there are no refunds allowed. This is because it is unfair to all the other teams who pay to play and a team last minute drops out which creates a lot of issues scheduling wise. 

Remember: All requests for refunds must therefore be made BEFORE the start of scheduled league games. Once scheduled matches have begun no reason would apply. 

Please tell us if you're team can not show up to a game or is forfeiting the amount paid by folding because we have a sub list and lot of volleyball enthusiasts ready to jump in! If your team is folding due to players not being available, then we can find your players to fill up your team! 

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