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From our athletes

Some of our 2019 Club Season Reviews...

Amazing coaching! Lots of encouragement. Great competition, lead to amazing growth. - AE

My experience with VISION has been awesome! Year after year I always have a great coach and an amazing team! - JK

VISION is an amazing program, and great coaches! You'll learn lots of volleyball skills and have an awesome time. - RS

It's more than just a club team. You make such amazing connections with the team and coaches. You learn not to just play amazing volleyball but how to be a great teammate. Being on this team has made me a better person in so many ways. - AF

The amount that you learn during the season is insane and I'm so glad I joined the team! - KW

The training is very efficient, disciplined and focused. It's a great place to play if you want to play at a higher level. - CT

VISION is very exclusive. If you want to be a good player you should join VISION. - PS

VISION is a welcoming club. If you're interested in playing competitively then I recommend joining the club. - KC

The coaches are really good and you'll improve. - LM

The coaching is fantastic, the merchandise is really nice, and you get a lot of practice time. - MB

You learn a lot about volleyball, really good coach and you meet plenty of great new people. - RR

The coaches are all great! The girls are friendly, and the teams are all competitive! - AA

Coaches put a lot of care and effort into helping their team grow as people and Players. - ER

VISION has amazing coaches and I loved the team experience and interaction with the coaches. - KF

Well, VISION has a very good balance between fun and competition, which makes it good for everyone. Plus, the coaching as well. - SK

They make you better at volleyball in everything and it is the best volleyball program! - KN

My season was awesome! It starts from scratch at the beginning of the year and you improve a lot. - AR

From Past Seasons...

I had a lot of fun with VISION. I learned so much and I appreciate Luc and what he has done and how he has helped me and my team. It was nice to be in a competitive atmosphere and do the best I can. I like how Luc, Evan or Ruben would correct me if I was doing something wrong. Can't wait for next year! - KN

The training and practices are what makes us succeed. Our coaches are just as dedicated as we are. - JS

I really enjoyed the technical coaching and being able to create bonds an push myself as an individual. - OC

I had an amazing season. I loved my coaches and team. I could not have asked for a better season. - AE

Love the girls and the coaches! I've made so many friends and learned so many new things! - JK

Amazing coach, knows how to teach skills and make us feel welcomed. - MC

I feel like vision helped me get better at Volleyball and I am happy that I joined. - BN

I learned a lot and now I'm confident in my skills. - RS

I thought it was gonna be really difficult and would fall behind the other girls and it would take a lot of effort it was a lot of effort but it was worth it. - JK

The people and coaches are really nice. Very dedicated! - JL

VISION was an excellent experience to start my club with. I really enjoyed it. - JK

I enjoyed the tournaments and all the time put into them and all the fun we had at them. - NM

When I first came to VISION I was not a very strong volleyball player and didn't know much about the game. That changed after about two weeks of practicing which were sometimes tough but you could tell it helped us in the long run, plus you get to know your team really well with all the team bonding our manager puts together, so there lots of fun. As the year went on my skills improved more and more, and they will continue to improve as I will go back to playing with Vision. All of my coaches were fantastic and knew tons about the game. They helped me and my team improve mentally and physically on the court. I am excited to play again for VISION this year and hope the year will be even better than last year! - D.M.

The best part about the season was bonding with my teammates, as well as facing losses and victories together. We overcame every game together as a team. - C.D.

The VISION coaching was the best I have ever had! All the coaches were very willing to give you great advice! Playing with VISION has been the best time for me to improve. - A.E.

I learned a lot this season thanks to the help of my coaches. I couldn’t have asked for a better team because I truly made best friends on this team! - K.B.

I’m glad to have had VISION Elite Volleyball as my first ever volleyball club. Everyone at the club was nice, and patient when learning new skills. The practices were informative as well. - C.D.

The best part about this season was being able to connect with other athletes that share similar interests. - A.F.

I really like the coaching style of Mr. Tremblay, he is very honest and I believe that that is the best way for me, and the whole team to learn. - C.T.

This was beyond what I expected, I learned and experienced more than what I anticipated. - R.F.

I learned so much over the season and I had so much fun! It was my first season playing Club Volleyball and I couldn’t have asked for a better one. - F.S.

I had the best year with an amazing coach and the best teammates! - J.N.

It was all fun. The coaches were fantastic and the players were also very nice. The coaches taught us lots of useful skills and team spirit exercises! - M.C.

I had a lot of fun practicing with my coaches, and playing with my team. I am very thankful for the opportunity to play with U13 girls. - R.F.

I really liked how much I improved during the season and how much my team bonded. - C.T.

My expectations were definitely met, and I couldn’t be happier! I improved my skills a lot with the help of my coaches! I also liked my team a lot this season and I couldn’t have asked for a better group of best friends! I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT VISION!! - K.B.

I did improve my skills over this season by some of the things I had dreamed about being able to do I have achieved. - A.F.

My expectations of the season were met, we won U13 provincials, and I had a very fun first season playing club volleyball. To reach my expectations I did what I had to do by attending most of the practices and constantly pushing myself. Which improved my skills a lot, and I mean A LOT. I enjoyed bonding with my teammates, as well as facing losses and victories together. We overcame every game together as a team, and that’s what I enjoyed the most about this season. I did however dislike waking up for tournaments in the early morning!!! - C.D.

I had the best year with an amazing coach and the best teammates! – J.K.

VISION is a great club. The coaches are good and you have lots of fun. – B.G.

VISION is an awesome club. The coaches are very nice and they are very helpful. – M.C.

My experience with VISION this year was way better than last year. Our team won provincials and that was the best and our practices were very fun and my team was really fun! – B.L.

I for sure improved my skills over the season and I learned a lot and felt like I did well! – M.E.

"We went beyond all expectations. I was very happy with the season. With help from all the coaches and the team mates we improved lots and got more/further than we thought. My skills improved greatly and so did my teammates. I know this because we became a fantastic team. The thing I enjoyed the most was the team spirits we shared. We became confident, loyal, and very skillful. This is credit to the coaching staff. All the practices were great since our coaches new basically every answer to every question. I loved the season so much I am already signed up for the camps. Thank you coach."  -P.L.

"My experience with Mr. Trembley was great! From what I was expecting at the beginning of the season till now, all my expectations were met. I even did way more than expected and I am pretty sure everyone on the team agrees. Overall my skills improved and it started so early. Improving literally throughout the whole season. My favourite part of the season was Fargo tourney. Not because we did well in it, also the girls were fantastic and fun! I would not change one thing throughout the season. I am excited for next year for sure!" -C.P.

"My experience was really good. All my expectation were met. All my skills improved, even the skills I thought were excellent already. The skills I thought with my position I would never need or use improved tremendously. I feel more confident and well round as a player. What I enjoyed the most throughout the season was how much I was learning. My highly competitive personality and loving learning new things is really nice. It was literally never a dull moment! I am going to try-out for the VISION Elite Club teams until I am too old to play in the club.""My experience with Luc was and is amazing! When I started practices with Luc I felt that I was getting better and better as an athlete and a player every practice. Luc’s camps are phenomenal! I have NEVER walked out of one of his camps or practices being unhappy. I have always walked out with a smile on my face. I am looking forward to all of the camps and practices coming up." - T.B.

"My experience with club was very good. It was my first year playing club and a great experience. My coach was Luc Tremblay with assistant coaches Jamie and Gary. When I first came to VISION I was not a very strong volleyball player and didn't know much about the game. That changed after about two weeks of practicing about three times a week for 2-3 hours. Practices were sometimes tough but you could tell it helped us in the long run, plus you get to know your team really well with all the team bonding our manager puts together, so there lots of fun. As the year went on my skills improved more and more, and they will continue to improve as I will go back to playing with VISION. All of my coaches were fantastic and know tons about the game. They helped me and my team improve mentally and physically on the court. One of my favourite memories of volleyball was listening to Mr. Tremblay's awesome music during practice. I am excited to play again for Vision this year and hope the year is even better than last year!" - D.M.

"I started club volleyball for the first time ever last year, with VISION. I had minimal volleyball experience but what I learned and improved on throughout the season was incredible! I always looked forward to practices not only because of my new love for the game but also because of the atmosphere in the gym. I feel that with Mr. Tremblay's techniques and enthusiasm for volleyball, that I not only grew as a player but as an athlete in general. I feel more fit and more confident. I feel lucky to have Mr. Tremblay as a coach and look forward to the upcoming season!" - K.A.

"My experience playing for the VISION Volleyball Club was amazing! Not only did I meet some wonderful friends, I became a stronger athlete reaching goals I could not imagine. The time, dedication, and passion Coach Tremblay gives to his teams, I am convinced he could improve any athlete! Coach Tremblay's knowledge about the game is phenomenal! Looking forward to another great season. Thanks for all the time and effort." - K.F.

"Mr. Tremblay is the best technical coach in all of Manitoba. From injuries due to bad technique to defense to positional play, he knows it all inside and out. I started my season with Mr. Tremblay knowing little to nothing about volleyball strategy. I had skills but my skills were developed amazingly during my season with Luc. We had three 3-hour practices every week and a fourth optional practice that he held for players that wanted to get ahead and get more playing time. He never wasted time in practice and he always made sure we understood what he was asking of us or why we were doing certain drills in order to get the best results. He didn't yell at us once during the season. He simply gave us the tools we needed to win and let us use them. No, he doesn't believe in fair play but if he's benching a player he definitely has a reason and all that player has to do is ask him and improve whatever skill he feels is a liability on the court. I was extremely lucky to find Luc. I now feel like I can discuss any aspect of volleyball with my peers or family and know exactly what I am talking about. I am also a much more experienced and well rounded setter after just one season with Mr. Tremblay. Thank you". - A.M.

From our parents

Some of our 2019 Club Season Reviews...

Watching my daughter learn something new every practice was amazing! Having her want to go to every two-hour practice and six-hour camps was so great. -HW

VISION makes space for all players to develop. We think the level of coaching is competitive and the environment is great for our girls. - JE

From Past Seasons...

Hello Luc, I just want to say thank you. We are very grateful that our daughter had the opportunity to play for VISION this year.  We have tremendous respect for your knowledge of the game.  She loves your camp and practice format. I found them to be challenging and fast-paced.  Also incredibly responsive after a tournament - always addressing specific skills that were lacking in the recent games. 

Everything you said would happen, did!  Although I would like to have seen my daughter improve more in specific skills, that’s on her.  She was given lots of opportunity. We are absolutely satisfied with the year as a whole. Thank you Luc for your commitment to the girls and to the sport. I know it can’t be easy overseeing so many coaches and athletes ... and parents who think they know best...

I truly believe young athletes become better people when exposed to quality coaching, dedication to excellence and attention to longevity of the athletes. Thank you for providing all of those.  Sincerely, - JT 

VISION Volleyball Club has been instrumental in growing my child's self-confidence. The club has affirmed her strengths and has helped her grow tremendously as an athlete. Thanks Luc! - SK

I think this is a great club for all levels of play. My daughter really enjoyed her year. Very happy with all areas of Vision. - SB

VISION rocks! Really like the leadership (i.e. Luc!) Awesome practices with good locations and times. Team spirit and coaches are awesome. PS. Best Coach ever! - CL

We had another great club season with VISION.  Our daughter and her team had a fabulously successful and fun season under coaches Dee and Shawna.  Head Coach Luc helped improve her game technically and his guidance helped our team win bronze at provincials.  Our experience at Nationals in Edmonton was positive and our club as a whole did fantastic.  Looking forward to a third season with our VISION family. - JC

Coaches corrected athletes when they made errors (behavioural and skill) in a pro-active, kind, up-lifting way! - KK

I cannot tell you what a great experience that was for her. Luc taught her so much as a player but also as a person. She became much more confident in her abilities and for that we thank him. - C.H.

One of the best investments made for our daughter, and a joy to watch her be a part of a team, being goofy together with her teammates... Oh yes- and there's volleyball too!  - M.K.

Every single girl under Head Coach Luc Tremblay's leadership left the U-13 Provincial Championship with either a Gold or a Silver medal. Not enough space here to describe how everything came together to make it happen. But, I can tell you from my own first hand experience that the "man" has a plan and he can make an elite player out of anyone who fully commits. - V.L.

Hello Luc, a huge thank you for all of your time, interest, persistence and expertise. We are very grateful that you permitted our daughter to play given her age and inexperience. She had a wonderful season and can't wait to get back on the court. The improvement in all 3 of our daughters is clear, we are very thankful for your attention and focus. We feel you have given our girls an incredible gift for which we are all very grateful. - J.A. 

I am a new parent to volleyball and its large community, and I am very impressed with the drive it gives my daughter. In my opinion as a past college athlete and community coach, The VISION Elite program is second to none. The coaches my child worked with were excellent, professional, and knowledgeable in the sport, and the practice sessions were all busy and technical from the start right up until they removed the nets. The coaches were able to help the players build their skills to help the team while building the team to help the players. This was a great experience for us as a family and for my daughter to grow as an athlete, and grow she did. - G. M

We decided to play with VISION Elite because of Luc's reputation as a coach. We had heard he was a good coach, but a tough coach. We wanted Lauren to learn to play volleyball a higher level. My daughter improved her skills in one season. Not only in her position, but all around as a volleyball player. She grew as a volleyball player and a person. The best part about the season was the tournaments. The girls had so much fun! They were competitive but still managed to have a lot of fun. The worst part of the season was it ending. We loved everything. Practices, games, coaches, all the players, other parents, etc. all great! It was a blast!  -Parent

My daughter played for Luc last year as a setter. She also attended a few of his camps this past summer. I cannot tell you what a great experience that was for her. Luc taught her so much as a player but also as a person. She became much more confident in her abilities and for that we thank him. He had indicated to me in an earlier email that he does not wish to take any of his former girls this year and wants to have a whole new team. That is why we have not signed up for your Elite program. Again my daughter had a great season and I wish you all the best with your team this year. - C.H.

We have had two girls involved in various camps of Luc’s for many years now because we have a very high regard for his technical training ability and feel our girls stand to benefit from it. My husband does not pass out compliments very easily to anyone about anything but I can’t tell you the number of times he’s come home over the years after either helping at a camp or just watching with the most impressive remarks on how he felt Luc was running the camp and what/how he was teaching the girls."- S.B.

VISION Coaches, Luc Tremblay and Ben Solmundson, have provided the best volleyball training experience our daughter has ever received. Our daughter continuously confirms to us that “Coach Ben believes in me and has always believed in me”. He continuously reinforced her strengths and encouraged her to develop to her fullest potential. He helped her confront her challenges.  Coach Luc is extremely brilliant and tough, yet a vital ingredient to his success as coach is he cares. Our daughter, currently in grade 11, has been exposed to many coaches: playing on all her school teams; previous club teams; and in numerous camps and clinics. By far Vision coaches Luc and Ben are the most knowledgeable and the best of the best. - R.P.

Mr. Tremblay has coached/mentored our daughter in club volleyball for many years now. It has been fascinating to see how she has grown as a volleyball player, a teammate and a leader. Not only has he worked with her on her skills for the game but also how to succeed as an athlete. He has taught her that hard work and dedication translate into success. Through focus on team building and respect for one another, she has learned the value of team work and gained many lasting friendships. We have had so many great memories and positive experiences over the years. - C.K.
Coaching volleyball isn't just a job for Luc it's a passion. This passion shines through each and every girl who has been trained with Luc. When watching my daughter play on her high school team I can always tell which girls have trained with VISION Volleyball Club. I'm always amazed at how much volleyball my daughter has learned in one year. She has gone from a girl who didn't know much about volleyball, but enjoyed it enough, to an elite level player with such passion for the sport. There are such a nice group of girls and coaches that she can't wait to get to volleyball. - L.Y.

We have been involved with VISION and Luc Tremblay now for 3 years. We have nothing but positive things to say about Mr. Tremblay and the VISION Volleyball program. We have two daughters who play on VISION Club teams. We have been involved in volleyball in Winnipeg for a lot of years and I can say that Luc is the best technical coach in Winnipeg. He always treats the girls with respect and it amazes me how he can spot the problem a girl may be having (hitting, serving) and know exactly what to tell her to fix it, we have been involved with other coaches who can spot the problem - but are unable to coach the girl to fix it. The girls always look forward to volleyball and love practices and games. We highly recommend Luc and his volleyball program to anyone who is interested in playing. - C.P.

My observation is how happy all the girls seem to be. Whether it's practice or a game the players and coaches are almost always smiling. There's lots of laughter. The players encourage each other lots. It's a real positive experience for everyone. It's nice when your child looks forward to practice. - D.Y.

Luc, I just wanted to give you an update on my daughter's school team this year. Last year she was third string, this year she is by far (in my objective opinion) the most solid and well-rounded player on the team. This is thanks to your excellent program and expertise. Just wanted to give you a quick thanks for the VISION experience we had. She loved the program and very much enjoyed your leadership and coaching.  - R.E.

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