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FAQ - Club Volleyball

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FAQ - Club Volleyball: VISION Elite and VISION VBC

How many clubs are affiliated with Volleyball Winnipeg? 

Volleyball Winnipeg offers two club volleyball programs for girls: VISION Elite and VISION VBC Volleyball.

VISION Elite Volleyball Club is our high-performance program. All athletes are trained under the direct supervision of a Program Head Coach along with their team coaches. Age classes are limited to a maximum of two teams and the selection process is generally very competitive.

VISION VBC: Due to the popularity of our VISION Elite program, Volleyball Winnipeg now offers VISION VBC, a club program designed to provide an alternative to the high cost & commitment required for the VISION Elite program. 

VISION VBC is designed to introduce young female athletes to a competitive volleyball experience through the participation in our Premier League and select club tournaments. The season concludes with participation in Provincial Championships in April.

VISION VBC teams practice twice per week with our VISION instructors and requires the use of a parent to bench coach during competitions.

What is a "club" team? 

Unlike soccer and basketball where club team refers to a community centre team, in volleyball a "club" team refers to an elite volleyball club. It is the equivalent to a premier soccer team.

What is club season?

Club season occurs during the school off-season (January-May), beginning with selection (tryout) camps which are held in early December and ending with Provincials & Nationals in May.

Which club would be best for my daughter? 

VISION VBC teams compete in our VISION Premier League and select club tournaments, whereas VISION Elite teams are consider tournament teams that participate exclusively in tournaments from late February until May.

VISION VBC teams practice twice per week and play on Sunday afternoons,  while VISION Elite teams will practice 3-4 times per week from January until May. The cost varies greatly between the two.

Does Volleyball Winnipeg offer boys teams?

Teams offered by Volleyball Winnipeg vary from year to year based on the availability of quality coaches. That being said, Volleyball Winnipeg does not offer boys teams at this time. 

I'm not sure what to do...

Volleyball Winnipeg offers a number of free or inexpensive camps throughout the year to expose parents and athletes to our various programs.

In September, feel free to visit us at one of our FREE Camps. For details please visit our Free Camps page.

In October, VISION Elite Volleyball offers a series of $20/Drop-in Camps that provide athletes and parents the opportunity to meet coaches and discuss the various program options in person. Details are available at: Fall Camps.

How long is the season? 

Club season runs from early January until late May, depending on the age class. Try outs are held in early December.

How do I register for a VISION Elite team?

Selection camps (tryouts) are held in early December. Athletes can register online for VISION Elite "Tryouts".

Is there a cost for attending Tryouts? 

The fee is generally $30, which helps cover the cost of the venues, insurance and an honorarium for our instructors. This fee covers participation in ALL Tryout Camps and there are generally three per age class.  

Does my child have to attend every Tryout? 

No. Generally clubs will recommend that all athletes attempt to participate in as many camps as possible. Doing so will allow coaches to get to know an athlete better and improve their chances of being selected for a team.

When are tryouts? 

Tryouts (athlete selection camps or ID Camps) begin in early December. 

What is the cost to participate on a VISION Elite team? 

Club volleyball is an expensive undertaking. Both coaches and assistant coaches generally receive an honorarium plus the expenses associated with travel teams. These include: team merchandise, VM registration fee, numerous tournament entry fees, and travel.

As a guide we would say to parents/guardians that, if the team their athlete is trying out for, does not attend Nationals the cost ranges between $950-1,250 for most club teams. If the team is attending Nationals , the cost will likely be $1,500 or higher. Teams should be in a position to provide a detailed account of their upcoming fees in the weeks leading up to ID Camps.

Do VISION Elite club teams participate in the VISION Premier League? 

Only VISION VBC teams participate in the Premier League. All VISION Elite teams are exclusively tournament/travel teams.

Can I play on a club team and keep playing on my VISION Premier League team? 

Yes. That being said, many coaches may disapprove of this because of a fear of injury. You should discuss this with your coaches.

Where are tournaments held? 

Most tournaments are held in Winnipeg and are typically Friday and Saturday events. However, most teams will also travel to Brandon, the U.S. and Nationals (Kamloops, Edmonton or Calgary for example) during their season.

Can teams travel to the U.S. for tournaments? 

Teams may choose to play in U.S. tournaments and often choose to do so. Make sure to discuss away trips with potential coaches as this greatly affects the total cost of the program.

When and where are practices?

 Practices are generally held in schools all over the city. Please make sure to pick up a "Parent Information Sheet" at one of our Fall camps or at our December Tryouts to make sure you have all necessary information. 

What are the age classes? 

According to Volleyball Canada guidelines the age of the athletes is calculated by the age they are going to be the following year. That is, girls 14 & under would mean girls turning 14 in the year Nationals are being held. Therefore, our age classes are as follows:

  • 12 & Under 
  • 13 & Under
  • 14 & Under
  • 15 & Under
  • 16 & Under
  • 17 & Under
  • 18 & Under

Are coaches certified? 

Yes. All Club coaches and assistant coaches must meet Volleyball Manitoba requirements for certification. These are among the toughest in the country. These fees are passed on to parents.

Are coaches screened? 

Yes. All Club volleyball coaches in Manitoba must pass criminal/child sex registry background checks. These fees are also passed on to parents.

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