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Sub List for Co-ed League Teams

It is FREE to be a sub!

Sign up and a team captain will e-mail you when they require a sub. This is a great way to meet players and give you an opportunity to make it on to a team. 

If you are interested in joining a team as an individual, feel free to register as an individual and we will attempt to place you on a team during our pre-season Open Houses.

Email us at: if you have any questions. 

Athlete_1_First_ Name Athlete_1_Last_Name Athlete 1 Email 1 What is your skill level?
Emil Cruz Advanced
Alex Ethier Advanced
Ali Safian Advanced
Andy Duong-Do Advanced
Barron Brown Advanced
Ben Syhachak Advanced
CJ Pantel Advanced
Miranda Steingart Advanced
Noah Kosowski Advanced
Lauri Corlett  Advanced
Jessica Szacilowski Advanced
Eden Stuart Advanced
Shannon Tillet Advanced
Megan Dudeck Advanced
Ginette Petit Advanced
Shannon Tillett Advanced
Britta Torgerson Advanced
Inderveer Deol Advanced
mark intalan Advanced
Alain Macnair Advanced
Sebastien Parent Advanced
Jeremy Santos Advanced
Brad Trim Advanced
Jared Rowell Advanced
Alex Molina  Advanced
Trevor Lux Advanced
Cory Wachal Advanced
Paul  Tang Advanced
Joshua Mrozek Advanced
Wrychelle Funk Beginner
Alan Margolese Beginner
Jeff Prociuk Beginner
Kevin Bergen Beginner
Larissa  Cook Beginner
Reena Landicho Beginner
Riley Friesen Beginner
Turner Spence Beginner
Stefany  Alvarez Beginner
k pcy Beginner
Rizza Reyes Beginner
Stefany Alvarez  Beginner
Natalie Delaquis  Beginner
Fay Alas Beginner
Nicole Kasdorf Beginner
Patricia Agostinho Beginner
Dion Cheung Beginner
Kaitlyn Indian Beginner
Eliane Zhue Beginner
Jeffery Sotto Beginner
Renato Garcia Beginner
Brent Rodwell Beginner
Justice Sevillano Beginner
Madhu Thiyagarajan Beginner
Alex Peresluka Beginner
Rei Israel Manlulu Beginner
Rick Seradilla Intermediate
Kevin Hoang Intermediate
Michelle Weber Intermediate
Windy Preyma Intermediate
Carolina Hofman Intermediate
Jessica Knight Intermediate
Mia La Plume Intermediate
Ryan Acosta Intermediate
Harvey Guzman Intermediate
Lawrence Laurel Intermediate
Robert Caldit Intermediate
Ryan Hiebert Intermediate
Ian Abbott Intermediate
Mark Aaron Intermediate
Curtis Cove Intermediate
Johny Stephen Intermediate
Hoeward Dela Cruz Intermediate
Jericho Noskey Intermediate
Patrick Dela cruz Intermediate
Kyle Smith Intermediate
Erfan Hamidi Intermediate
Darlene Keeper Intermediate
Reden Anievas Intermediate
Jano Maury Intermediate
Adriano Gondim Intermediate 
Alan Simbulan Intermediate 
Blake Spence Intermediate 
Christel Steingart Intermediate 
Danica Prociuk Intermediate 
Daniel Nguyen Intermediate 
Gabriel Nazario Intermediate 
Geordie MacKenzie Intermediate 
Irina Kalyupa Intermediate 
John Diaz Intermediate 
Karen Strydhorst Intermediate 
Liliane Caetano Intermediate 
Marcel Fisette Intermediate 
Mitch Rouire Intermediate 
Nessa Suzon Intermediate 
Nikisha Duck Intermediate 
Robin Smith Intermediate 
Spencer Norrie Intermediate 
Taelyn Fisette Intermediate 
Turner  Spence Intermediate 
Tayler  Anderson Intermediate 
Karen Corpuz Intermediate 
destiny ewach Intermediate 
Shawneen Fisher Intermediate 
Jamie "JAJA" Kathryn Ramalloza Intermediate 
Nicole Schnell Intermediate 
Megan Thorne Intermediate 
Osayd Alsheikh Omar Intermediate 
Darryl Cabaltera Intermediate 
Chris Daeninck Intermediate 
Evan Husack Intermediate 
Darryl Jay Intermediate 
Jyles Klassen Intermediate 
Jaden  Mazur Intermediate 
Reymar Paragas Intermediate 
Richard Pauls Intermediate 
Tevin Wong Intermediate 
Keyshawn Wood Intermediate 

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