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Volleyball Clubs in Winnipeg


VISION Elite is hosting a series of prep camps for athletes interested in learning more about the program and meeting coaches and athletes.

Come out and meet some of the coaches and see first hand why VISION Elite is the top club volleyball program in Manitoba!

These are drop-in camps at a regular rate of $20/session. Please note that discount offers are available through our weekly VISION e-Blast. Register Today for our newsletter today on our home page!

  • Grade 7-9 Girls: Thursdays at Champlain Community Centre from 6-8:00pm
  • Grade 10-12 Girls: Thursdays at Champlain Community Centre from 8-10:00pm
  • Grade 8-12 Girls: Friday evenings at Selkirk Community Church from 6:30-9:30pm. IMPORTANT: This camp will be changed to a 6-8:00pm camp for girls in grades 7-9 and 8-10:00pm camp for girls in grades 10-12 once numbers are high enough.
  • Grade 8-10 Girls: Saturdays at River Osborne Community Centre from 9-11:00am

Club Volleyball in Winnipeg

In Canada, volleyball has developed under the European-style "Club model". This means coaches can start independent clubs at the beginning of the season, therefore, clubs do come and go as a result. Both Male and Female club teams compete every year for the Provincial Championship. Provincials occur all over the country at the same time to allow each province the opportunity to rank each team for the National Championships that are held in late May.

VISION Volleyball was created for female athletes in the Winnipeg area looking for a competitive volleyball experience. This program is open to female athletes aged 12 to 18 and starts with a series of try-outs in earlyDecember. Participation is time intensive, fundamentally strong,  extremely competitive, and involves travelling yet still offers a fun-filled volleyball experience. Each team will practice multiple times per week and compete against other competitive teams at tournaments held within Manitoba every week-end from January-May. Teams will generally attend 6-8 tournaments within a given season along with participation in a Provincial Championship and Nationals (VISION Elite).

VISION Elite Volleyball Club

VISION Elite is the High-Performance Program for Volleyball Winnipeg. All athletes within the program are trained under the direct supervision of the Program Head Coach. VISION Elite teams are tournament teams that compete in Provincial and National Championships. Travel is required. Tryouts are held in early December.

Details on this program are located at: VISION Elite Volleyball Club

VISION Volleyball Club

Due to the popularity of VISION Elite, VISION now offers a club program designed to provide an alternative to the high cost & commitment required for Elite teams. VISION teams will practice twice weekly with instructors and will require the use of a parent to help bench coach during competition.

Teams will compete in three local tournaments along with participation in the VISION Premier League Winter Season (Jan. – March). The season ends with participation in Provincials in late April and tryouts are combined with VISION Elite in early December.

Details on this program are located at: VISION Volleyball Club

Learn to Compete!


  1. We are a community-based non-profit organization committed to training and developing athletes through competitive participation in the sport of volleyball;
  2. We provide guidance to families whose daughter may be qualified to pursue post secondary athletic opportunities;
  3. We expect coaches, players, and parents to always encourage good sportsmanship and act with high personal integrity when representing the club;
  4. We create positive awareness within the community by developing a working relationship with area colleges, schools, and community groups.


All club teams are tournament teams. Although try outs start in December the tournament season doesn't officially begin until March. Tournaments can then be found on a weekly basis until Nationals in May.

Due to the nature of these events club teams are often marked by the stress of winning and losing. Unlike "League Play" a tournament format does not allow for the fun-free, fair-play environment found in recreational leagues. Simply stated, tournaments are inherently stress-filled events with winners being announced at the end of the day. Parents and athletes should prepare themselves for this environment.


The primary goals of Volleyball Winnipeg is to establish sustainable programs while developing coaches. In the fall of 2002, Volleyball Winnipeg coaches first began offering elite club volleyball programs under the "Titans Volleyball Club". Over the years these same coaches have provided young Winnipeg-area female athletes one of the largest elite volleyball programs in Canada and subsequently changed program names as the philosophy of the program changed. Volleyball Winnipeg coaches have been involved in a number of community club programs including: Stars Volleyball, Fusion Volleyball, TSF United Volleyball, Junior Bison Volleyball and the River City Volleyball Club.

In the fall of 2011 Volleyball Winnipeg coaches decided to focus on the growth of its grass-roots volleyball programs and limit its participation in club to one or two teams per age class. This would allow our Head Coach the opportunity to focus his club involvement on the very best development for our teams by working more closely with all participating club coaches. Limiting our teams would result in better quality control and a better, more competitive club experience for all our athletes. Volleyball Winnipeg coaches therefore renamed their elite development program: VISION Elite Volleyball Club.

VISION Elite Volleyball strives to provide top level training by experienced coaches dedicated to offering a higher level of volleyball instruction. This program was developed for those athletes who desire more skills training and competition than can be provided after the relatively short school volleyball season. The program runs from December until May.

Furthermore, VISION Elite Volleyball has some of the most experienced coaching staff in the province. The average coach has eight years of club coaching experience and is fully certified. We are especially proud to provide young volleyball enthusiasts a coaching staff that is committed to professional improvement and offer our coaches the largest volleyball library of books, videos, DVD’s in the country. Coaches are also provided with a VISION Volleyball Coaching handbook provided by the Head Coach.

In brief, Club Volleyball is the feeder system to university and college volleyball programs. If athletes aspire to make a post-secondary volleyball program they must participate in club volleyball.


Try Outs: All VISION Elite club teams are high-performance teams with athletes being subject to a selection process. All ID Camps are held in early December. For a list of VISION Elite ID Camps please visit our "ID Camps" page.

All club coaches must be certified as follows:

  • 14 and under: Technical One
  • 16 and under: Technical Two
  • 18 and under: Certified Level Two

Try outs may vary, but it is fair to say that most coaches are looking at the basics. Can you pass? Can you hit? Although some of the elite teams may take note of height and reach, most club coaches will focus on the fundamentals. And remember, most coaches will notice your attitude. Are you smiling, supporting others during drills and picking up loose balls. And you can bet that if you and your parents have a history of poor sportsmanship it will make its way to the coaches.

Many student-athletes remember their club experiences fondly. They would have made new friends and learned how to train like an athlete. The improved discipline would impact all aspects of their lives and they would have moved on to excel in both athletics and academics.

Athletic achievement is important to us. However, Winnipeg Regional Clubs also strive to develop the athlete as a person. When approached positively, athletics teaches important life skills.

OUR ATHLETES LEARN…the lessons of winning and losing: Winning with grace and without false pride that may cause future failure; and losing with honor and respect for the opponent.

OUR ATHLETES LEARN…how to deal with pressure. The butterflies an athlete may feel playing important matches - not unlike the butterflies she may feel when preparing for an important job interview later in life. 

OUR ATHLETES LEARN…respect for teamwork. The best player on a team cannot succeed by herself. The contributions of every player on the team are important.

OUR ATHLETES LEARN…the importance of goal setting and how hard work during preparation leads to success. They learn to approach practice as a time to change how they play for the better. Doing the wrong thing more often is not much help. It is better to change and do the right thing.

It remains true that much of an athlete’s improvement remains up to the individual. A good work ethic and commitment to personal improvement are necessary for personal success and as an athlete. And although God-given gifts of athletic ability, size and speed are empowering, athletes also need quality training and a positive, well-managed organization.


It is important to understand that in volleyball "club volleyball" refers to European style elite teams representing their volleyball club and not community club recreational teams. In brief, club volleyball was established by Volleyball Canada as the vehicle in which to develop young athletes so that they may eventually play at the college/university level.    

Club volleyball is not for everyone. For many athletes it can be a challenging way in which to improve their skills, improve their confidence, and make new friends. For others it can be a very difficult and frustrating experience. Simply put, club volleyball is for athletes that LOVE the game.

The journey from ID Camps (try outs) to Nationals is often marked with ups and downs that include reduced playing time for poor play and disagreements with coaches and/or teammates; all of which need to be resolved before moving forward. Those that meet these challenges head-on often come through the experience with a renewed love of the sport and the maturity to allow them to go to the next level. Others leave the season hurt, often feeling they were not treated fairly. Needless to say, the role of the parent often determines the outcome of the child's experience.

Participation in club volleyball is also an expensive undertaking. Coaches receive a significant honorarium, clubs charge for administration overhead, along with the cost of club merchandise and travel.

What makes VISION Elite and VISION Volleyball Club Different?

Coaching is not an easy undertaking. 

A strong practice coach must study seasonal training principals; understand fundamental skills and techniques in how to develop these skills while avoiding the incursion of bad habits; move athletes to the next level of development through the introduction of advanced technical training, not to mention a strong understanding of the sport’s systems of play.

A strong bench coach must be a strong communicator and strategist; he/she must be sensitive to the emotion of the team and that of individual athletes; master mental preparation and translate that into consistent performance in demanding environments.

Simply put, training athletes requires exceptional analytical ability with strong attention to detail while game-day coaching requires a strong communicator with proficient inter-personal skills. Finding part-time coaches who can dedicate themselves to mastering these very different sets of skills is a rare occurrence.

With twenty years of club volleyball experience in Manitoba, in 2019 VISION Elite Head Coaches came to the conclusion that the best way to provide athletes with a consistently positive club volleyball experience was to train instructors who would be uniquely responsible for training VISION Elite athletes while bench coaches would be trained separately in the strategies of the game and mental preparation. 

VISION is dedicated to the continuing education of its instructors and bench coaches and, with an ever-increasing inventory of training videos, believes it has developed the strongest volleyball program in the province. Furthermore, with instructors training athletes, VISION  athletes always have a neutral club representative they can approach should they have issues with the team bench coaches or their roles on the team.

2018-19 Independent Clubs in Winnipeg (Female & Male List)

Female clubs in Winnipeg

-Agoojin Volleyball Club

-Alliance Volleyball Club

-Assiniboine Community College Volleyball Club

-Big Sand Volleyball Club

-Cobras Volleyball Club

-Dynamo Volleyball Club

-Fury Volleyball Club

-Impact Volleyball Club

-Ignite Volleyball Club

-Insanity Volleyball Club

-Joust Volleyball Club

-Jr. Bisons Volleyball Club

-Jr. Wesmen Volleyball Club

-Lightening Elite Volleyball Club

-Mavericks Volleyball Club

-Pirates Volleyball Club

-Phoenix Volleyball Club

-Rebels Volleyball Club

-Sandstorm Volleyball Club

-Selkirk Royals Volleyball Club

-Shock Volleyball Club

-SISU Volleyball Club

-Storm Volleyball Club

-Tsunami Volleyball Club

-Winman Volleyball Club

-VISION Elite Volleyball Club


Male clubs in Winnipeg:

-Winnipeg Rush Volleyball Club

-Winman Volleyball Club

-Tsunami Volleyball Club

-Sandstrom Volleyball Club

-Storm Volleyball Club

-Summit Volleyball Club

-Selkirk Royals Volleyball Club

-Pirates Volleyball Club

-Jr. Wesman Volleyball Club

-Joust Volleyball Club

-Insanity Volleyball Club

-Le Rouges Jr. Volleyball Club

-204 Volleyball Club

-VISION Elite Volleyball Club

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